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Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by Pinasaurus, May 14, 2018.

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    Brave, Tangled (including hairpoof dangly!), Monsters Inc, and Aristocats available. Moana tentatively spoken for. (Pins shown for scale!)




    Trading my extra handmade lanyards! These have been on display on pin hangers on my wall and deserve to be loved and worn to the parks. Some have some very small dents in the fabric from pins hanging on them, but no tears or rips. Otherwise pristine. Please adopt one!

    I make all these lanyards with stabilizer so they more comfortably distribute the weight of a heavy lanyard, and don't deform with lots of pins on them. The pattern is unique to each lanyard, I pretty much come up with them on the fly so they're all one-of-a-kind.
    The ones with faux fur are machine washable, but only in COLD water, and must be air dried. Otherwise I use washable cottons, minky, and materials that can hold up to being drenched on Pirates and then tossed in the wash.

    I also very seldomly but sometimes do custom requests. Mostly around Christmastime! Some examples are:

    Generally brand new custom Lanyards are between 60-80$, which I know is a lot. They take a while to put together, and I don't often get the time to just sit and sew.
    But here's your chance to trade for a display model that's still got loads of miles on it! Since these are 'pre-loved' I'm willing to look at a range of traders! And you help me clear out space, which is always helpful on the pin wall. : )

    Thanks for looking!
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    I love the fur! You have such great textures on these.
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    They look so great, you are really talented! :)

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