This pin is me. :D

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Jabberwocky, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. Papaya

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    Great thread full of neat pins and stories! Here's my choice (a pin I don't own as of now):


    It features my two all-time favorite Disney movies which I watched all the time as a child, that is to say The Lion King and Pocahontas. Then there's another one of my top 10 favs, Peter Pan. And then there's a turtle, and I absolutely love these animals. I own a pair of them, although obviously they're not sea turtles. :) Plus it's all about colors which I also find fitting since I like to draw.
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  2. shooting4ownhand

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    It was a toss up between this and another pin but I drive like a mad woman most of the time. I got pulled over for going 95mph last month and somehow only got a warning. While I have been going closer to the speed limit now, I still have a leadfoot.
  3. Kristen W

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    I love dogs. I am studying to become a therapist specializing in working with children and the practice of animal assisted therapy (this is also my grail).
  4. PixiePost

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    Can I change my answer?


    I love the holidays and any excuse to exchange gifts; Figaro is my spirit animal, and I believe in faeries. This really couldn’t be more perfect.

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  5. Jabberwocky

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    Only because you justified it well - and that pin is super cute and specific. :D
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