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Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by Purplemandms, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Purplemandms

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    Hello, DPF? It's me. Emily. Can you hear me?

    Sorry I couldn't think of a better opening line.

    It's 8:45pm on Tuesday, and I'm standing in line waiting for a caffeinated beverage. Shortly before this, I checked my mailbox and found an amazon bubble mailer.

    I don't remember ordering anything from amazon. Was it my roommates?

    Nope. Right there it said my name.

    And inside?

    Another, smaller envelope.

    Then it dawned on me. Felice, aka @TinyTink asked me for my address... and then asked again because I didn't include my apartment number (like a fool.)

    And inside THAT envelope?


    A lovely thank you card, and an equally lovely Tink Pin!!! The zap was a totally unnecessary thank you for helping to make her new badge, under the excuse that this particular pin wanted to see the Florida sunshine (but I see through your lies Felice. I see right through them.)

    To be honest, I've been meaning to send her my own zap for some time now but have yet to find the time. As I'm sure some of you know, thesis season is upon us. Which for me means my days are 7am - 2am. (Cue caffeinated beverage at 9 at night.) And even though this may be seen as a simple gesture to some, a hand-written thank you and a lovely piece of art mean a lot to me on days like these. (Oh no I'm getting teary.) I also learned recently that the surgery I had a few months back did not actually fix the problem I went in for. (It found and corrected something else though, which is good.) So this day has been more difficult than others, but I'm sure as many of you know that's just how zaps work. They find you when you need them.

    Thank you so much Felice, and know I'll have my revenge.

    (In the meantime catch me living in the library until I transcend to the next plane of existence.)

  2. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Beautiful zap! Congrats!!

    Good luck on your thesis. I feel your pain speaking of which, I should prob get back to it as well

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  3. TinyTink

    TinyTink Africa-The Real Animal Kingdom DPF Charter Member

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    So pleased she made it out before our latest snow storm...schools here have already announced they are closed tomorrow...

    Thanks for replacing my beloved signature and, of course, for being the instigator of my favorite Art History Pin Thread

    and, cue the Golden Girls Music....That's What Zaps Are For...... :)
  4. Jabberwocky

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    Congrats on the beautiful zap from the lovely lady! :)
  5. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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    Such a beautiful pin!
  6. CCofRR13

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    ZAPs do have a way of finding someone when they need them. Congrats!
  7. Haunted575

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    What a nice pin. Congrats!

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  8. arielsdinglehopper

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    Oh wow, what a stunning Tink pin! Congratulations! <3
  9. starry_solo

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    Congrats on the zap!
  10. Ajk

    Ajk Not so new anymore.

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    Very nice! Congrats!

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