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    Whew! I don't know about all of you, but my holidays were crazy, and I've only just managed to recover from the madcap mania of family, friends, food (oh god), and fun. Thus why it's taken me so long into the new year (16 days... gasp!) to open up my shop!

    (Insert fancy logo I'll make someday here. Imagine that it's colorful, whimsical, somewhat dark, and has at least one felted creature in it.)

    After a lot of thought and debate, I've decided to work this shop in the following way:

    Custom Orders

    I am going to start by having three slots open at a time to make sure that I don't get too overwhelmed. The three slots are first come, first served, with a couple of exceptions (see below). When each new slot opens, it will still be first come first served.

    For now, I'm going to limit the size of items to, roughly, five square inches (think grapefruit), again just to make sure I don't get overwhelmed.


    Seeing as this is a pin forum, and that handmade items are now banned from auctions :super sad face:, I decided to allow both money and pins as payment for custom felted projects, and each project will be individually negotiated. All of these creations are unique in their time, materials and effort, and I feel it's very important to have a good feel for a balanced trade/sale.

    That said, all monetary payments will go through PayPal as payment for goods, and all payments (pins, money, or otherwise) are due at the time the project is finished, but before it is finished (obviously, I'll send pics and updates as I go).

    Just to give you an idea of general price range, a small item (1 cubic inch keychain or somesuch) would probably go for about $10, depending on intricacy. Having more materials (hardware like keychains, eyes, hangers, legs, wire, etc) will increase the price, as will increasing the size or whatnot. In the beginning, it's probably just best to tell me what you want, and I'll give you an estimate and we can go from there.


    Custom orders will be shipped in appropriate packaging, and the cost of the shipping will be included in the eventual cost/trade value of the item. Mostly it will depend on size and intricacy, and probably will be $3 on average with tracking.

    At the moment, due to incredibly high international shipping rates, international buyers will have to pay shipping in cash or have a US-side proxy to help out. Shipping even a small box (6" x 6") overseas is prohibitively expensive.

    Thanks for looking, and I look forward to bringing your ideas to life!
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    Current Orders

    • Not Started - Haven't gotten the chance to start stabbing it yet
    • In Progress - The stabbing has begun! This can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, so please be patient.
    • Finished - The stabbing is complete and all the finishing touches are on. I should have, or will, send pics ASAP.
    • Paid - You've paid or sent your trade-payment.
    • Shipped - It's on its way to you with my hopes that you'll love it!
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    Reserved for pics of past/current work.
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    I love all your projects to date.

    Not sure if you can, but I would love a felted Dale. Let me know what the possibilities are?
  5. Tokaji

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    I might be able to do a Dale. I'll PM you!

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