Traders VS Keepers in your book

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. fuzzybunny

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    My keepers are at home, traders are on the lanyards and more in the book.
  2. charlesu

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    I think you hit on the crux of the matter. Some people will only trade out for something they like as much or better. The OP was talking about values but a lot of people don't see pins that way. It's not a financial decision. It's a gut decision.
  3. Grumpy74

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    My 2 cents here... my traders are in 1 book keepers I leave home, just that simple.
  4. starry_solo

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    Exactly what I do. A friend of mine has started to keep her keepers at home (she used to like to display them on her lanyard while walking around DLR) until a VERY pushy trader tried to corner and badger her into trading one of her pins.
  5. FigmentFan0787

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    I never bring any keepers with me when I do pin trading, Everything is for trade unless i have second thoughts lol
  6. katrina1122

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    My traders and keepers are mixed throughout my binder and separated on my lanydard. I don't have enough to have them separate and I like to arrange by type, so to have two separate arranged sectino in one binder is just silly. I just say up front take a look and I'll let you know if I'm trading it.

    If you don't want to look then you don't have to, I get it, but some enjoy seeing them mixed in. Me for one, since I get to see more pins I've never seen before.
  7. drb195

    drb195 Member

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    My GF and I leave our "keepers" at home when we go to DLR. Now, when we go to trading events, we bring almost everything because like many others have stated, once you run into that pin that you must have, nothing is a keeper. Now while at the parks, we further break it down to two books, LE pins, and open edition/HM pins. This helps with trade fairness. If we are looking at an LE pin to trade, we show our LE book first. As far as value, I look at Edition size primarily.
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  8. Moondance

    Moondance Pусcкая Poбйн

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    I used to take my keepers with me, but now I have so many that I keep them on my board at home.

    I don't have many semi-keepers (ones I will consider trading) or traders, hence my poor traders list, but I do like to make trades that will make people happy at DLR.....

    I encountered a guppy once, hasn't everyone? This guppy gave me a scrapper for my LE 1000 Stitch Flag .......his mum didn't want to trade her Pocahontas Fall LE or her Pocahontas "Where do I go from here?" pins before or after >_>
  9. huertajv

    huertajv It's all about the Mouse! DPF Charter Member

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    I have to agree with Dan! I don't know how many people tell me to look in their "trader" book because their interested in one of my pins, and then I point to one and they say their not trading that one.

    One day I went through their book and asked about at least 7 different pins that were not for trade. The ones they were trading, were ones that no one wanted in the first place but the person knew this and was hoping someone would trade for something less.

    I don't mind you bringing your keepers, but don't make it appear their part of your traders!

  10. Luis75

    Luis75 Member

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    I wish I had enough pins to separate them from my book but when I do my pin collection gets sliced in half :( I hate saying some pins are not for trade though so I am going to have to bite the bullet and accept the fact my trader collection is not as big.
  11. drb195

    drb195 Member

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    Hey luis, One Idea, If you have just one book, put your" keepers" together in the back part of your book, then just specify that those pages are not up for negotiation from the start. I have seen that work.
  12. Alexa

    Alexa Active Member

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    If I bring a large bag which is rarely, this is what I do.
    I usually stick to trading with the CMs because I've only got traders no one wants. ;)
    Heck, over 2/3 of them aren't even listed on PinPics because I trade in the parks so much down here.
  13. Alexa

    Alexa Active Member

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    You don't have to feel bad. My collection only consists of about 225 pins because I was in silence for the LONGEST time.
    I just recently started back in June 2011 and I've SLOWLY been adding. Although I just gave a few away just for whatever reason.
  14. Alexa

    Alexa Active Member

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    I also don't have a problem if someone asks me to buy a rack pin to trade with them because of the discount I'm able to get.

    Another reason why I don't like to trade with regular guests is because I don't want to lug around a large bag (the only one I've got hence my small collection) on my shoulder all day after I feel I'm done trading. Besides if I really want the pin I'll just trade/buy it online, not a big deal. I keep my traders AND keepers since it's the only bag I've got. Keepers in the front, traders in the back so they don't get ruined. I'd rather my keepers get ruined than my traders. If my keepers get ruined I have another chance at trading for another copy of it. Whereas if the traders got damaged somehow I'd have to end up buying everything again that moment to trade. If that makes sense at all. Don't mind me, LOL.
  15. jadeites-lady

    jadeites-lady Bookworm Belle

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    Sis & I have 3 bags between us - the same Mickey Pin trading bag and a Sci-Fi Cadet/Academy bag (for the Little Green Men and Star Wars pins). All our keepers are there and left at home.

    We bring traders with us but, obviously, it has to be something we want more than what we have for trade. I wouldn't trade a LE Snow White for just a hidden mickey ;)
  16. crazy4poohpinz

    crazy4poohpinz Member

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    I love to pin trade. many times I have been at the park in line for a ride there are kids i front of me as well as behind me. I will just take pins out of my trading bag and give pins to kids. Yes I go with 12 or so pins to tade and only come home with 7 or 8 new pins. But i love to do that. I love to see the smile on a child's face and that sweet "Thank you lady". So as stated above in 1st post....Take only your trading pins leave your keepers at home. One young boy came up to me to look at my pins "will you trade that pin for one of mine?" yes let me see what you have..he really didn't have anything I wanted but trade for a pin anyways...I ended up trading that pin away for one I REALLY REALLY wanted. So you grown ups trade with kids its worth that wonderful smile you get in .
  17. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    wow, this thread is a year old!
  18. NChouser

    NChouser Active Member

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    I just started to collect pins,again. I eventually would like to keep all of my keepers in a seperate book from my traders. I use my lanyard for only traders as well.

    My wife and I were down at WDW just this past September and I noticed at downtown disney there were no traders out and about. What I mean by this is that the tables near the big disney pin trading co "tent" were not there and I ended up trading with some CM.

    Does anyone know if they do not hover around there or is a specific time and day of the week? We will be heading down next year and I will be much better prepared than I was! Thanks!

    Also where are the best meeting places to find traders in WDW/DTD
  19. dawny

    dawny Active Member

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    that is exactly how i feel and how i wanna behave when i get down there. Truth be told, i am actaully excited to give away some cute pins to some kids--sounds fun!! I think it is a tease to display pins and then tell people they are not for trade, but to each his own. all this is a learning experience for me.
  20. dawny

    dawny Active Member

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    i agree..and i love your "handle" and display here.
  21. Pin Pal

    Pin Pal Member

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    I definitely understand the frustration here, but I do not agree with the argument. I keep my "keepers" in my book because I think there is always the possibility of finding a pin that you would give anything up to have. For example, my favorite pin in my collection is Jessica dressed as Ursula. I value this pin both in monetary and sentimental value. That being said, I would not even blink to let it go if I came across one of my "grail" pins. This would be a rare occurrence, but I would rather be safe than kick myself for not having a trade-worthy pin on me
  22. jessykah77

    jessykah77 Member

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    If someone is just starting out and does not have enough pins for a book, is it acceptable to wear 2 lanyards, one for trading and one that has your keepers? Or if all on one lanyard, is it okay to tell someone, "I collect Doom Buggy pins, these are my keepers" as long as you have plenty of other pins available for trade? I'm still trying to learn proper pin trading etiquette!
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  23. StitchTrader

    StitchTrader Member

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    This has been a very insightful post. I see both sides of the OP's opinions. As new traders, my family has 1 book each, and 2 lanyards. We keep our favorite pins on one lanyard while we have another lanyard that we use for trading with Cast members/Pin traders. My book has a page of Stitch collection that I am working on, also a page for Tinkerbell and another for Star Wars pins. In time these books will grow and our collecting/trading methods will change. I don't even have a corkboard at the house for pins to display my grail! Oh the horror!! Ill get on that this weekend however!

    For now we have no clue on 'the best practices'. I thnk they would differ per person really. While your valuation of your trade of $100 in pins for the $50 pin...I don't know. I agree with others that the value of a tradable pin can only be given by the owner and not the trader. I recently did some trades via this site, I cant wait to get what I traded for! I gave up 3 really nice pins that a lot of the 'vets' around here deem valuable. For me, the trade pins that I got are as valuable to me!

    Thanks for the informative thread and an awesome read before work today.
  24. Suzziesue

    Suzziesue Crazy for Disney Pins

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    I know exactly what you mean. There is a certain trader at Disneyland that does that almost every time I want to trade with him. He may say "I am not ready to trade that yet", or "I really want to keep this". Then why are they in his trade book? Leave them at home if you don't want to trade them. I know it's fun to show off our pins and I would actually love to go to some kind of "Show off your pins" gathering but when you are at the park hanging around all the traders, he needs to leave his special pins at home. Thanks for letting me vent

  25. OogieBoogieRay

    OogieBoogieRay Member

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    I think it depends...

    I understand it is really frustrating when they say that everything is for trade then when you choose a pin they say it isn't. But I keep all my keeper pins in a book and I finally had to get a second book (one for trades one for my collection) but I still haven't had time to take out all of my collection pins from my trade book so I do have both collection and trades in the same book. But I let people know that. I open my book the beginning of my traders and say this is where my traders start.

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