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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by xdattax, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. jadeites-lady

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    Doesn't sound like anyone was successful here.

    I heard of someone who successfully got a set of dark tales #1, 2, 3 & marquee. And then someone else who got dark tales set #1. Trying to figure out if the person that got dark tales #1 only was by choice or what.

    From what I've been reading on sis' FB account, it looks like most people were only able to get the jumbo.
  2. Tds

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    I was able to get a marquee. Jumbo was available but I think they are way overpriced.
  3. Justin_Bieber

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    will having the artist sign these dark tales be a good or bad idea?
  4. starry_solo

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    I won't be having the artist sign my friend's sets. I was considering the backer card, but I don't know. The pin itself, definitely no.
  5. jadeites-lady

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    OK, I'm back with more news.

    Heard of one other person getting a full set of dark tales in the second chance release, so that makes two so far.

    The one person who said he got the Dark Tales #1 during the second chance release was asked about the other two and he said those were marked as sold out when he bought #1.

    So, that is an interesting tidbit. Sounds like there were at least 3 Dark Tales #1, 2 Dark Tales #2, and 2 Dark Tales #3. What is also interesting is that there isn't a lot of gossip on FB (maybe there is some on IG?) or bragging about who got any extras.

    Other than two color marquees being purchased, I have heard that most people said only jumbo was available to them.
  6. jadeites-lady

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    And since I have time to do the ebay searching right now, here's what I found:

    Under this search "villains event pin disney" there are 131 results.

    Of those, 94 are other villains event pins, not this DSSH one. So that leaves 37 results that are the DSSH event.

    Of those, here is the breakdown:
    Event Pin: 6
    Jumbo Pin: 5
    Color Marquee: 6
    Diecast Marquee: 5
    Full Sets: 4
    Hades: 2
    Dr. Facilier: 2
    Lady Tremaine: 2
    Cruella: 1
    Ursula: 1
    Jafar: 1
    Yzma: 2

    If I limit my search to "villains event pin dark tales" only 27 sale listings and 47 sold.

    The sets are $1425 - 1600 or best offer.

    For sold sets, one accepted offer was $1250 for the set.

    For search for "dark tales disney pin", I come up with
    53 sold, but 3 of them are fantasy pins.

    For sale, there are 31 listings:
    Colored marquee: 5
    Diecast marquee: 5
    Full set: 5
    Jumbo: 1
    Event: 3
    Dr. Facilier: 2
    Jafar: 1
    Lady Tremaine: 1
    Maleficent: 1
    Hades: 1
    Queen of Hearts: 1
    Yzma: 2
    Cruella: 1
    Ursula: 2
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  7. timeerkat

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    I'm surprised that Set 1 was the individual one left over, since that's the one Mali (the most expensive one by far) is in.
  8. jadeites-lady

    jadeites-lady Bookworm Belle

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    Me too!

    I heard of another color marquee being purchased, by the same person who got a set of dark tales 1 through 3. So, that's three marquees, 3 Dark Tales #1, 2 Dark Tales #2, and 2 Dark Tales #3. And an unknown amount of jumbos.

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