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Discussion in 'DPF News & Announcements' started by Cicada, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Cicada

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    Hi all, as of today (6/13/2017), we;re halfway to the goal for upgrading the forum software — We have just about enough currently ($625) to move forward with purchasing the software license.

    With that in mind, I want to have another discussion on things you'd like to see in the new forum, and see if we can deliver on those requests moving forward.

    Some of the things I know members want, or would like to see:

    • User tagging / mentioning — being able to "@" users to mention them in the thread and have it come up in their alerts.
    • Chat
    • More robust marketplace

    If there's anything else you'd like to add, please feel free, and let's get a discussion going to see whats feasible (and the cost associated). I may also be implementing a subscription/premium member service which will add more PM space and maybe some other small features, for those that would like to support the forum, as we do still have to consider the $175/month server running costs for the forum, even after this upgrade.

  2. hopemax

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    Sort of a silly request, but more smiley / emoji options.
  3. Cicada

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    anything in particular? That's something easy we can implement :)
  4. timeerkat

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    I second the tagging feature! That would be immensely helpful, especially in sales/auction/game threads and zap threads.

    And I also second having more space for premium/subscription members.

    One thing I would find helpful, if at all possible to add, would be a random number generator.

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