What is actually tradeable in each park?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Gelatoni, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. coblj003

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    I always thought that TDL didn't implement official CM pin trading there as it's technically a licensee of Disney. Disney Store Japan is probably similar, a different variety of licenses especially for pins, but as long as it's a cliossone style pin you could technically CM trade it here, even if the back was different.
  2. Pauljapan2323

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    Yes, agreed. No CM pin trading here , or any official pin trading that I know of. But the park does sell official trade pins.
    They used to do pin trading ages ago in like 2000.
  3. pincrazy

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    Our parks don't mind the age, as long as they're Disney....seems that way.
  4. Pauljapan2323

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    What kinds of pins can’t be traded?
    Pins that are any material other than metal cannot be traded, nor can personalized pins. All pins must have the plastic back; Cast Members are not allowed to accept pins that are broche style or clasp style.

    Interestingly, this eliminates all pins that Disney created in the 1980s!

    Pins that are associated with a costume or a service award cannot be traded either.

    This is what I had read. Most pins at Disney stores in Japan have clasps. The pins at the park store and park have the typical Mickey plastic back.

    I have never traded anywhere ! Just going off what I read. Sorry if your experience is different.
  5. Jabberwocky

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    For reference, the old school rules - although the language about the counterfeit pins is ironic considering 98% of what's on CM lanyards is fake and US* CMs are not allowed to refuse pins as long as they are metal, have the copyright and are not duplicates to what's already on the lanyard - and I've seen CM's accept duplicates on their lanyards, too: http://disney.go.com/eventservices/howtopintrade.pdf

    While pins with brooch backs (safety-pin style) cannot be traded, anything else that's a metal pin with a post back (rather than the clasp style) and Disney copyright can be traded at the parks. It doesn't matter what backs are on the post - metal or rubber Mickey head. And it doesn't matter how old the pin is as long as it fits the other criteria.

    * I've heard anecdotally a lot of Paris CMs make up their own trading rules and choose what they want to trade and don't, treating the company lanyards as their own. But Paris is... yeah...

    Point is, Disney Store Japan pins are fine for trading here so long as metal and have Disney copyright.
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  6. pretty Omi

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    I think you are misinterpreting what they mean by a clasp back.

    I'm pretty sure what they mean by a "clasp" backing, is any kind of pin with a bar that has to fit into another piece for latching, specifically refers to most jewelry pieces, buttons, and yes most older pins from the 80's.
    There may be the odd CM that refuses you, but generally speaking, from experience, at Disneyland California all they will care about is that it is a metal pin, and has a (c)Disney on the back. Most CMs will be excited when you trade older stuff, or foreign pins onto their lanyard or board.
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