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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by iwontgrowup, Jan 9, 2018.

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    A while back I noticed Pin 125921 while viewing the new pins on Pinpics. It caught my attention because it is pictured on it's card which is not supposed to happen any more, I have been told. I looked a the description and picture and compared it to 122188 and concluded that, as far as I can tell, it is the card which makes it different. I sent a note via "Contact Us" on pinpics and have not received any reply so thought I would ask here.
    Things at Pinpics seem to have slowed to a crawl when it comes to park released pins getting posted or comments and SKUs as well for that matter.

    http://www.pinpics.com/pinMT.php?pin=12 ... 5921&keyw=
    http://www.pinpics.com/pinMT.php?pin=12 ... &PB_page=3
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    There have been a ton of duplicate listings on PinPics over the past several years since they stopped having the community contribute/monitor the site like the former owners did when the site was crowdsourced. But the new owners made it clear they were running their own show and the result of alienating the former contributors becomes a site with mistakes, misinformation and a lot of missing information, sadly.
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    It seemed to me that they might be different metals? One silver one gold? Hard to tell.

    Also, you can still make suggestions by using the comment section below the description. I've gotten the PP staff to fix quite a number of spelling errors and other errors in this way, as well as adding more detailed specifics to the descriptions. Yes, you have to wait for the staff to do it, and they've been a bit slow lately (holidays and all, I would guess), but it usually does get taken care of, eventually.
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    Looks like the duplicate has been removed.

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