What material to use in your pin book (cork, coroplast, etc)

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by iamdisneydan, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. earthbound

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    I use cork tiles in between the pin bag pages - the 12 x 12 size tiles will work but you'll have to trim the edge to get to the right size to use as an insert! This works a treat as the pins are easily moved about when gaps appear, or new pins inserted - when I've traded at DTD & guests have asked to see the back of the pin it's so easy!! Just remember to keep pin backs close-by!!!
  2. Tabbikat2219

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    I use to use cork but it kept bending my pin post so I switched over to foam boards I have covered all four walls in my pin room its really easy to use and you can use finishing nails to nail it up I used black because it makes the pins lok better great thing is foam boards are cheap :)
  3. PeterYup

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    Next time I drive past a Sign shop I am going to pick up some Chloroplast thanks for the great info.
    as we hate the mess cork makes.
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  4. caligirlUCR

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    Dont forget this is an election year . . . . after the election go and "clean up your local street corner" Yay for recycling!!!!!
  5. PeterYup

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    o yea cant wait to take peoples signs lol
  6. Tiggeride

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    Interesting, going to try some of the ideas presented here.
  7. Rocke01

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    I have the thick cork board in two of my books. It works really well but in my old book it is starting to crumble a bit so I am thinking of trying the coroplast.
  8. Jrdnsmom

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    So I read this thread this morning, I ran over to the lowes in my town and bought some Coroplast and Duct tape, taking advice from multiple posts I read. I found a white sheet for 9.99 I was able to make 6 inserts out of it, I covered each insert with the tape then took one book apart and re-did it with the inserts, and I have to say this AWESOME! they are holding firm not rocking back and fourth, snug as a bug, now I can pull out my pins to look at them with ease, great Advice, thanks for posting this.
  9. Spectromen

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    Michael's, Staples and Office Depot do NOT have this, nor does Walmart. Home Depot does. It was not a fun Saturday months ago when I traypsed around checking all of these!
  10. Vixy

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    I bought my coroplast on Amazon.
  11. JKrolak

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    Most of the time the only place you will find corregated plastic at the "big box stores" is in the pre-made yard sale / home for sale signs. They typically run about $7-10 depending on your location. The blank ones are a touch larger and cost more.

    Personally I would look to the local political campaigns and take advantage of the "free" resource. I predict they will have lots of this treasure available in say about 3 weeks.
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  12. starry_solo

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    I would caution people concerning this. Look at your city/county's laws about where political signs are allowed to be posted and how long after the election is over that the candidates have to remove their signs before helping yourself to this resource. See:
    Reward offered for clues about stolen campaign signs
  13. JKrolak

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    My suggestion is to go directly to the campaigns themselves after election day. At that point any surplus signs they have are trash and they are usually more than willing to give them away. They are also cleaner and have no weather issues that can damage your pins. Even during the campaign they may be willing to give you a sign for free or a "donation". What you do with it after the election is up to you.

    I specifically DO NOT RECOMMEND NOR CONDONE removal of polictical signs during the campaign. Nor did I suggest this is an appropriate behavior.
  14. BugCatcherJenna

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    Lol, I always see people at a rally... or something that will sit outside with a bunch of signs around them (more than 50) ... I would guess if you asked them they would give you a couple? That's why they're out there- right? Hahaha.
  15. Laurelguad

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    Thanks for this!! So helpful!
  16. Suzziesue

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    Thanks for the info. Very helpful!

  17. pinsurplus

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    i saw someone that used 2 cork tiles then used duct tape around both pieces to keep the cork from falling apart. seemed like a good idea
  18. Annesosilly

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    I'm a big cork user. It's cheap and easily replaced, without buying it in bulk. Also, I like being able to easily get the pins on and off my book to check dates, edition size, etc.
  19. NikkiW

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    There are some really great ideas here. Thank You! I think I would like a pin trading bag as well?
  20. shellyshells

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    I use the plastic as well but always be sure to put it in straight and pull it out straight =)
  21. chubs191

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    In my county, you can only take signs from the loosing candidate after the election. Also, you can take them during the election if the sign is in the right of way by the road. Remember aspiring politicos to put your signs six feet away from the road on the other side of the sidewalk.I love the idea of using coroplast for pin books. I have a bunch of those signs from previous campaigns and I'm sure they're going to go to good use now.
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  22. Rocke01

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    I use both cork board and coroplast and while coroplast works really well for lighter weight pins it does not do really well with the heavier ones. I did think to put duct tape around the cork board but have not done that yet. If that works I think that is probably the best way to go. I buy the 12 by 12 pieces you can get in groups of 4 they are thick and work really well but after years of use they crumble so the duct tape sounds like the perfect solution. I will try it next time I replace my boards in my bags.
  23. JASBG

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    Your boards look super nice Dan.

    I am about to start working on making myself a trading, and im thinking im going to fill it with pages like these.

    How does the foam board compare to the coroplast? Based on the qualities, i would say that its retention isnt quite as strong as coroplast? Will foam boards still make nice pages in a binder?
  24. JKrolak

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    Foam board should be avoided. It will work - for a time. But it does not hold well and often compresses to the point of being useless.

    Cork board is cheaper and tends to be easily obtainable. However it does degrade over time. There have also been stories of it "holding" pins when you attempt to remove them and resulting breakage. Overall it is a reliable option.

    Coroplast can also degrade if repeated reused. Eventually you get to the point of too many holes for the pin to grab. It is also difficult to cut across the grain without a special tool. (Although you can do some amazing things with a little practice.) Most sign companies will sell it in sheats and charge if you want it cut. Another option is the infamous E-*** (sorry cant say that here) where with just a little searching you can usually find it cut to size, a variety of colors, and in any quantity you desire. (often for less than the sign shops. Looks good in frames and binders too without the need for concealing felt or foam.
  25. JASBG

    JASBG Member

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    Thanks for the information!

    Im thinking about using coroplast but just not sure if i wanna make a binder or use a trading book.

    As far as cutting coroplast goes, is the cutter really something worth getting? Can thr boards be cut with a fresh razor blade?

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