Wanted: Windows of Evil

Discussion in 'Pins for Sale/Wanted' started by Wolfcryrain, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Wolfcryrain

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    Would anyone be willing to pick up the two Windows of Evil coming out this month for me? Also does anyone have the ones from the previous months they might sale? [​IMG]

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  2. sockgnome

    sockgnome Well-Known Member

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    I have oogie and Jafar for trade or sale :)
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  3. pincrazy

    pincrazy Active Member

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    I'm sure someone would offer, if they could.
    Unfortunately this is one of those CRAZY releases that no one knows if they'll get any, much less extras. Locals were hoping for a surprise release, but since Disney has decided on announcing it, sounds like they're going for insane (If it's anything like the last oogie release, it sold out resort wide within an hour of park opening and that's while you're in line).
    After that release, I felt it's NOT worth the aggravation/frustration/anxiety, and that's mainly because you're at an unorganized line, with pushing and cutting with those that brought friends/family/etc......
    For those hoping for Windows, I'm sure you'll see a bunch on auction sites, after all it's an LE2000, just be patient and wait cause as we know the prices will go down.
    It's going to be a busy release with so many pins being released and leftover crowds from Thanksgiving
    Good luck everyone, I'm sure there'll be feedback on how the morning goes on the forum.:p
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  4. ItzaPinfan

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    This does not sound fun. Definitely interested to know how it all plays out...happiest place on earth, until it’s a crazy release date...yikes...sounds like a bunch of Stitch fans imitating their art lol...or someone fed the gremlins after midnight...lol...

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  5. pincrazy

    pincrazy Active Member

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    Too funny, yes Shelterkat and Connie's Hobby, we shared the Crazy last time, and that was suppose to be an organized line, till someone opened a side door, hence the rush of people getting in line got nuts. We all missed getting into DLR fast enough before it sold out and we were there before it opened. So we waited for DCA to open, thinking we'd be ahead of them, exvept when it sold out they joined their friends who were in front of us. Then you had to hope you got the right person at the gate that would let you in quickly, AND NO multi-tix that needed a pic. Of course I picked the wrong line and took triple time of others, but afterthought what should I have expected. : p
    Since it's been awhile , 5/6 mos, since last release, It's laughable now, because as I retell it, sounds absurd that I'm not in a ride line, but I've heard it's just as bad for Funko or the Tiki mug collectors!:p
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