2019 New Pin Resolutions

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by chubs191, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Jabberwocky

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    A CM friend of a friend won one too but wouldn't part with it. So close and yet so far...
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  2. hopemax

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    My 2019 resolutions

    1. Get my Japan trip report done
    2. Get my collectibles tracking website online (this doesn't mean "ready for everyone to use," but online so my Dad, friend and DH can test it for me).
    3. Cut back on US Disney purchases, including pins (explanation is why my first project is get my TR written)
    4. Increase Japanese Disney purchases. I'm thinking once a month (maybe dependent on Ebay sales) adding to my collection. I've been dabbling for years, but in 2019 it will be the focus.
    5. Once I'm working on content addition for my website and not just design/functionality. Get my pins from the last 3 years organized, photographed and properly put away/displayed.
  3. cadien

    cadien Well-Known Member

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    We have a rider for our comic book collection. It's pretty inexpensive.
  4. LittleBird

    LittleBird Well-Known Member

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    I want to bring back the joy of pin collecting in 2019. :) It should be fun! If I love a pin, I should get it, even if it doesn't "fit." And if I don't like a pin, I shouldn't stress about getting it, even if it does "fit." Heck, I shouldn't stress about getting any pin. Que sera sera!
  5. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    I also want to be better about leaving feedback for purchases and trades.
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  6. stitchismyspiritanimal

    stitchismyspiritanimal Active Member

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    My resolutions:

    - Organize my pins
    - Stick to collecting Stitch and Mulan
    - Figure out how to post pictures again on DPF
    - Be grateful, humble, and helpful

    PS, if anyone is interested in trading with me, my traders are listed on pinpics under chrisdonturner. Thanks for looking!

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  7. MasteringMatt

    MasteringMatt Active Member

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    My resolutions:

    -Organize Pins
    -Actually make it to an Illinois Monthly Meet-Up
    -Sell all my traders - Still saving for a wedding
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  8. shooting4ownhand

    shooting4ownhand Well-Known Member

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    Actually get back into collecting. I've been focused on other collectables that I've ignored pins. They are still my first love and I want to get back into collecting. I want to continue to focus on my Walt Disney and Mickey collection. Maybe expand my Snow White collection as well.
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  9. TammyH

    TammyH Active Member

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    My resolutions:
    - Organize my pins
    - Update PinPics to have a good inventory of what I have
    - Try on-line trading (I've done a few, but not much)
    - to NOT start a new collection
    - Finish some of my existing collections/series
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  10. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Reading other's people's resolutions are very helpful :p

    1. Attend Fairy Tales event!
    2. Attend @docfish2u's party!
    3. Trade for my last PODM (Tangled with at least one character)
    4. Trade for remaining Stunning Silhouettes (Snow White, Rapunzel), but if I get can't get them this year, then I might just keep Belle and trade Ariel.
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  11. caw caw rawr

    caw caw rawr Squirrel!

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    My big pin goal for years has been to go to Docfish2u's pin party and this year it's happening! With that being said, my goal is to have no bumps/delays/disasters *knock on wood* on the drive down. :)

    I'm also hoping to knock at least 1 grail off my siggy this year.
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  12. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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    My pin resolutions are as follows.

    1. Get to one DSSH release if possible.
    2. Attend Docfish2u's pin party.
    3. Make a pin friend for the little one at local events. @AlaskanMalamute what do you say about the littles being baby pin pals?
    4. Do another Zap game.
  13. AlaskanMalamute

    AlaskanMalamute Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely! :stitch:
  14. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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  15. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    I’m excited by all the people who are resolving to come to @docfish2u ’s event! :D
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  16. pretty Omi

    pretty Omi Resident Smol Wolf

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  17. Damiens pins

    Damiens pins Well-Known Member

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    My pin resolutions are.

    Send more trade requests
    Trade more as it's pretty dried up for me :(
    Sort out another board for my frozen pins
    Go to a DSSH release
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