2021 PTD Releases


Let's party like its 2019.
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Looking for anything in particular or would a trade of cash be appealing? ;)

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Nothing in particular but no cash. :)
I checked your Pinpics and did not see any matches but please check my wants in case you have something not listed.


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Photo by Disney Studio Store Hollywood on September 28, 2021. May be a cartoon of text that says 'DisnEy ÛTUDIO Ghirardelli SODAFOUNTAINANCHOCESHOP THE PIN TRADER'S DELIGHT SUNDAE $16.50 INCLUDES TWO SCOOPSOF ICE CREAM, YOUR CHOICE OF TOPPING WITH WHIPPED CREAM, RAINBOW SPRINKLES AND A CHERRY. -AVAILABLE DAILY UNTIL CLOSING INCLUDES A LIMITED EDITION COLLECTIBLE PIN LACKEY SLEEPING BEAUTY LE 300 DACHSIE PERRY THE PLATYPUS LADY AND THE TRAMP PHINEAS AND FERB LE 300 LE 300 *Cannot be combined with other discount *Limited two 2) sundaes per person, age Four coupon, no substitutions. and up. While supplies last.'.


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Went today and picked up both Lackey and Daschie. Will use both as traders so feel free to check my pinpics (magpie812).
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My friend told me that she got the last Daschie about a week or so ago…hoping there is a flip soon!

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Let us know if they say how many Lackeys are left!

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Unfortunately, from what I have been told, they are not allowed to say. Also the cashier's probably don't even know since the stock of pins they have is only a partial amount.

But on the off chance someone slips me some info... Will definitely share it. :)


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You used to be able to tell because they would not switch out if they had fewer than 15 left, so you could ask to switch out and see if they let you. However, I'm not sure they are following that rule anymore so it probably isn't a good way to test the numbers.