Zapped! A real Kevin zap . . . and more!


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A very big thank you from Sis and me (@stratasfan and @GroguFan) for the amazing surprise package from @summerskin -- which arrived a few days ago when we were least expecting it.
Totally amazing and so thoughtful, the ZAP included a fabulous plush Kevin that Sis totally didn't have and had never seen. Wow! Definitely a winner!
And for me, there was the most amazing Tokyo Disney Hawaiian flower bracelet. SO cool! This is something special.
Oh, yes! There was a pin in there, too. One of the new Disney socks set -- this one with Bruni!!!!
And to top it all off with the perfect touch -- a sheet of Baby Yoda (pardon me, I meant Grogu) stickers that is beyond cute.
Thanks so much, Amanda! We needed this bit of Disney Magic!