Sold/Ended: Calling all Robin Hood collectors. Who is this?

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So I got this pin in a lot with old European pins. It does not have a Disney stamp on the back but these old pins usually dont have.
Its from a Swedish company that made Disney pins way back in the days. Around 1980-1995 probably. I have some pins from that company that are absolutely Disney characters so I know they were licenced back then.

Now to my question. Is this a pin of Sir Hiss? Kind of the only snake I know with a full set of "human" teeth :D
Or is he just a random snake with sun glasses? :)

What do you say?




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Well, it sure looks like Hiss, but there could be lots of options. They could have done a set of "cool" characters types and used Hiss, or he could just have been the snake model they used for something! Very interesting!
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