Carousel Collection + A special aquisition


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I just recently decided to put my carousel pins in their shadow box. I’m sure I’ll add to it in the future, but I’m super stoked about how this one turned out. This makes for my sixth(?) shadowbox. Maybe I'll post about my others in the future. The Bottom photo is a very special pin I never thought I'd have the good fortune to find, the Jumbo Aladdin and Jasmine on Horse LE (ARTIST PROOF)! Very Excited to have this big guy in my horses collection. :)




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Great collection! The Aladdin jumbo is so cool!! I don’t think I’ve seen any pins like it… almost thought it was a fantasy pin!

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Wow, that is an awesome collection! I had no idea there were that many carousel pins. The Aladdin pin is really nice! :tigger: