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D23 Event

D23 Event
I’m wondering if they’ll do away with the lines this year. They did it with the big presentations and last time they did it with some of the dolls and some pins with that LE shop that had no standby line. They could do the same with MOG and DSSH if they really want to get rid of lines. I guess we’ll know soon.
I got my badges today and with them is a rule stating that overnight queueing is unavailable. I wonder if they won't honor the overnight line this year.
Yeah, they said the same thing last time. Even said Anaheim police were going to clear the sidewalk, etc. All that happened was that the line was not something that they owned/ were responsible for. So the folks on the line had to police themselves and maintain order until the gates opened. Some did, some didn’t.
It will probably not change until someone gets severely hurt or outbreak of fisticuffs. I’m a bit sad that I’m not going this year. Hopefully some cool announcements happen (I want more specifics on DL Forward, DL 70th anniversary, changes/additions to upcoming MCU movies/timeline, Magic Kingdom expansion, Animal Kingdom updates [I will miss Dinosaur 😢], I’m ready for a 12th country in World Showcase, Star Wars specifics, what else?). Oh, and pins!