Disney Early Mystery Pins LE1000


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Hi all,
I started collecting pins in 1999. Back in those days Disney World released surprise “Mystery” Limited Edition pins, typically LE 1000 that were super popular at the time and were the early grails. I was trying to remember these pins and came up with the following:
- Donald Wet Paint
- Flubber
- Mickey for President
- Millennium Banner
- Angry Donald
- Mickey Golfing
- Mickey feeding giraffe in bamboo frame
- Minnie Born to Shop
- Pluto Dangle
- Silver 4 Park Dangle
- Mickey Surfing
- Red Merry Christmas 2000 ornament
- Green Merry Christmas 2000 ornament

I’m sure I’m missing some so please add to my list! I have most but would love to grow this collection
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Monorail stand clear doors pins
dumbo firework

I started acquiring the old grails to make a ‘peacock lanyard’ for the 20 year event but 2020 happened… most I paid less than $20 for (Angry Donald cost me like $15 shipped on card!)

those were the days…