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It has been nearly a year since we officially opened and we would like to try to introduce ourselves again. For those of you that were not here at that time or missed the discussions, previous threads attempting to introduce ourselves were abruptly deleted.

DisneyPinventory.com is a new Disney pin trading database. It had been in development for a few years and finally opened publicly in August 2021. We are not out to compete with other databases, but merely here to offer an alternative to collectors/traders wishing to catalog and/or trade. Please drop by and sign up to check out all of the features available. Although the list below is not complete, here are a few to get you started.

- Ability to catalog regular, AP, PP and scrapper/counterfeit pins all in one place
- Ability to track trades and store personal notes
- Ability to provide feedback for trades
- Supports multiple pin origins
- Supports multiple movie associations
- Supports multiple images
- Supports holiday association
- Mobile compatibility
- Add images anytime, even directly from your phone camera in a listing
- One-click inventory update
- Easy new addition replication for sets/series
- Create similar pin from existing listing (releasing soon)
- Site assistance with adding your inventory (mass)
- Daily pin updates typically averaging 30+ new pins/day
- Quick turnaround on new listings
- Special feature for submitting bugs
- Available support for new features, updates and bug fixes
- Free with no paid ads
- Over 90,000 pins cataloged (not all currently active)
- Many more to explore...

The site was custom developed and can go in many directions. Feedback/suggestions are always welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to DM us here, on the site (Disney Pinventory), or look for us at the One Family Pin Event.

For those that may inquire, the ID supporting this thread has been in existence for four years and the DPF member supporting that ID has been on the forum for eight years.