Disneyland suspending APs of personal shoppers and flippers

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by pretty Omi, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I second that
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    You can look it up but here is the short. It was two guys and a girlfriend. They just made fakes and sold them. One was a X CM. they got caught and it was lots of lots of money. Only got busted or looks like it was only because of Uncle Sam. The mouse is ok with whatever is not taking money from him. I think the fakes ened up going to the park and still those people spend more mone... So the mouse looks away. Sad. If you can't find the story I will post a link. It's good for education but do not want to focus on the negative. Some think I'm that way. I think it's more for education when I tell the bad of this or some other thing.
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    No need for a link.
    @ItzaPinfan : if you do a search (top right corner), you will see that this story was discussed a lot when it was going on a few years ago

    I'm not sure how we got from the topic of this discussion (suspending APs) to scrappers and fakes.
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    I guess I should have used the quotes before. Threads are hard to follow at times. So now Li can see why we talked about scrapers or how others may have talked about this or that. It was not something I just brought up out of the blue.

    I think the over all point is Disney can choose to enforce any of its rules, it just seems that they do not look at them all with the same amount of concern. The AP shopping thing was always something people talked about for years. If I go to the park on the same day each week and buy my pins by the dozen.... I'm either a hardcore fan and collector or I'm a reseller. Tracking of the AP was something I thought they would have done from the get go. Could even use it to promote other things to us by looking at what we like to buy.
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    Well put, Pincrazy. It's very sad that some folks are out to profit from our fun hobby

    Seemed the past holiday popcorn containers, DLR's remedy was to have an endless supply. For Halloween the cauldron didn't seem to sellout, and the LGM for Xmas seems to be still around.

    I find when Disney cracks down or changes anything, it's a direct response to complaints by the public. When a complaint is logged, and enough of them, it seems to trigger an action on their part so they have a response.

    Sadly what was easier, convenient, and logical is now a hassle or deterrent. We forget our identy is not private nor our actions especially in the Happiest Place. It works both ways for what we expect from Disney.

    Not sure for other Disney collectibles, but for pin's sake, I'm hoping that they can become reasonable traders again? Maybe too hopeful, but if pins can trade at ratios of wants/haves, LE#, or not on a sliding $$$ amount maybe it can become a fun hobby again? Instead I interpret it as a grab fest of I've got it, you don't, and mine is worth more.....and then I enthusiastically say "congrats, you have a nice pin, glad you were lucky to get it" :p
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    As Roz would say, 'I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.'

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