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DSF/DSSH DSSH Surprise Releases

DSF/DSSH DSSH Surprise Releases
Wondering if the web site was not working correctly with the new account link. No waiting for me either. Only gained hei hei but that is one less that I will be iso.
I saw DSF's Facebook post immediately (still showed Just Now for posted time), clicked in, logged into my Account, and got sent directly to the pin selection page without a waiting room. I selected my pins and checked out. The whole process took less than 5 minutes, including typing in my new address since I guess my old address was still the default on my Disney account. I was able to get the Stich pack and all three Moana pins.

same thing for me no line. I am trading the stitch pack
Congrats both!



Along with the previewed pins, there was also a surprise LE400 Vanellope Ace card and a surprise LE300 Alice anniversary pin.



Congrats to all who got in and got pins! I missed the boat on this drop since it started two minutes after I had a work meeting, but thankfully some of my pin friends were able to grab Judy and the Marie and Vanellope Aces for me.
are they all gone? My queue # is still slowly dropping
Right there with you, the queue is still moving but there is a message that says limited quantities of select pins are available. I bet I'm going to miss it but I'm still going to try!