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Why does it seem I'm always making the mean posts lately? Just because I'm "Grim" doesn't mean my posts need to be! I need to make a happy announcement soon....

Signatures have gotten out of hand lately. Okay, they've been out of hand for awhile. So, we're starting to crack down. Starting next week, we will start issuing violations for oversized signatures. Are you one???? Check out the guidelines below:

- Graphics in signatures must not exceed 225 pixels vertically. While Horizontal size is not technically an issue, we recommend 650 pixels. For those that are computer illiterate, here is an example of a properly sized graphic:


- Graphics (usually) cannot be stacked in a signature. This happens when multiple graphics are placed in one signature. The only time graphics are allowed to be stacked is if they are no more than 225 pixels cumulative.

- While GIFs are allowed, please avoid flashy seizure-esque graphics.

We will start cracking down on signature violations starting next week, allowing sometime for those of you to redesign, or resize your signature. If you need help, please ask a helpful local computer savvy friend, or check out this informative post if you have photoshop:

Disney Pin Forum

March 30th - Announcement made
April 6th - Warnings will start going out for oversized signatures
April 13th - Infractions will start going out for oversized signatures. Infractions are one point, and will expire in 30 days. Multiple infractions will result in a temporary ban.
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Please be sure your signature complies we will once more be issuing infractions as the number of complaints has again begun to rise....

Please refer to the above thread for any further clarifications

Thank you for your prompt and immediate attention to this matter.



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'Sticking' thread in place to make it easier to find. And just a reminder ... until the signature size parameters officially are changed by Cicada, the ones outlined in this thread still are in effect and will be enforced. Please keep this in mind and bring your signatures into compliance as we will begin to become more proactive about enforcing this rule once again. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the DPF Staff.


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As a reminder, please make sure your signatures conform to the requirements. I replaced the sample image (from Photobucket) with my own grail signature so you can see the proper sizing.
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