Guide: Cast Lanyard Sets


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Very handy guide! It reminded me that I haven't seen a recent guide as to which colors of the HM pouches sold in the parks match to which waves. Here's what Disney Pins Blog lists. If anyone has more info., please let the rest of us know!

2020 Hidden Disney: silver (labeled Hidden Disney)
2019 Wave C: cranberry red
2019 Wave B: lime green
2019 Wave A: tangerine orange
2018 Wave B: ???
2018 Wave A: mint green
2017 (not sure which wave): white
2016: ???
2015 Wave B: dark blue
2015 Wave A: bright pink
from what i can see on youtube
yellow packet for 2013 wave b.
purple packet for 2013 wave a.
2018 wave b i can find nothing on at all. maybe these didnt get released in mystery pouches???

There was no release in 2017. There was one wave in 2016 so assuming the white packet was out in 2017 for the 2016 set.