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So I am not really new, I have been on here off and on for about a decade now. I have recently come out as trans/non-binary. My name is Robin and yes, it was 100% inspired by Robin Hood. My best friend picked it out because its gender neutral and I love Robin Hood. I use he/him and they/their pronouns. I still love collecting everything I did before coming out like Disney princess dolls, American Girl dolls, and of course pins! I probably will start collecting Robin Hood pins even though many are out of my price range.
Hi Robin - nice name choice! Hope your living your best life If you’d ever like to trade just let us know; same name on all trading sites (it’s been a while since we’ve updated our PinPics but I’m working on it).
My Dad is named Robin and people sometimes assume it is my mom’s name when they first see it on paperwork, so definitely a name that works for any gender and a name I associate with only the best people. Excellent choice and I’m sure you’ll wear it well!