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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by TammyH, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. TammyH

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    Hello All!

    I will be traveling to WDW in November (YEA!), and was trying to find if anyone has created a check-list of the 2017/2018 HM pins that includes the chasers. (WDW Planner has a few, but they are not updated with the chasers, and I dont see the new HM pins listed.) I will make my own, but it would be easier if someone has already done it.


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  2. TiggerSue

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    You can go to DisneyPinBlog. Search for 2018 Hidden Mickey in Blog. About 3 articles down (Sept. 15), there are pics of all the new HM pins, including Chasers.
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