Wanted: ISO from signature.


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I am now down to seven pins ISO from my signature.

I know some of these are very hard to find, but I thought I would give it a shot. After 13 years, I have not been able to acquire them yet. Someone here may know a Jiminy collector that is looking to re-home some of these.

Any help in finding these pins for a reasonable price, trade or combination thereof would be greatly appreciated. I know some of them are on that website we use for pricing. I don't find them reasonable.

I still need the following. Numbers are from PinPics followed by wants/trades:

30714 - Disney Auctions - Film Quote Pin Set #1 (Jiminy Cricket) - 174/8

41923 - WDW - Happiest Pin Celebration on Earth - Around Walt Disney World® Resort (Jiminy Cricket) - 109/0

45729 - Disney Auctions - DLR (LE 50 Gold Edition) Framed Map & Pins (Jiminy Cricket) - 90/1

Thank you

40303 - WDW - Jiminy Cricket - Amidst The Lights Christmas Trees - Spectacle of Pins 2002 - Frame Set - 67/0

29272 - Jiminy Cricket from Lights, Camera, Pins! #28 (XL Frame Set) - 112/1

73172 - Disney Auctions - Pinocchio Framed Set - Jiminy - 36/0

80503 - DS - New Orleans Halloween Masquerade Set - Jiminy Cricket as Dr. Facilier Only - 240/4


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You probably already know that the LE 50 map pin is available on the popular auction site. JD collectibles has the Jiminy Facilier pin (it's listed on their website for much less than they list on eBay because of all the eBay fees). You can also reach out to them on Instagram or Facebook and try to work out a trade, or a partial trade/sale. I've traded for some great high value pins from them!
Good luck with your search!