Wanted: ISO WDW - AK - Animals Mystery Set

Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by goofyfordonald, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. goofyfordonald

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    I'm looking for the following pins on the original card backs (detailed information about the animal) to complete the set. I need the following:

    Jiminy Cricket with Western Lowland Gorilla
    Minnie with Giraffe
    Stitch with Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula
    Daisy with African Crowned Crane
    Chip n Dale with Naked Mole-Rat
    Mickey with African Lion
    Pluto with Dung Beetle

    My traders are on pinpics as goofyfordonald. I have an extra of Stitch with Komodo Dragon on the card and an extra of Goofy with Rodrigues Fruit Bat and Pluto with Dung Beetle that aren't on the card :( for trade as well.

  2. Tokaji

    Tokaji Pins and Needles

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    I have Daisy, but our only match is an LE 250 >.<
  3. fuzzybunny

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    I have the full set but traded for some that don't have cards and am looking for just the cards. I do have one or two but without the backer cards bummer wish I could help

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