Zapped! Merlin Messed up my Order!


"They call me Bruce" ....and mupins
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I received my package from Merlin a few days ago and was excited to see what I got in my WIR2p mystery box Mulan and I don’t care. I didn’t get what I hoped for but in the envelope was a bit of extra weight.
You would think, being the Professor he is, that putting an extra something in my envelope wouldn’t get past him but apparently it did. Out of my package falls this beauty. Now I am of the persuasion that you learn from your mistakes, so I’m holding on to this for my collection (I’m only doing this for your continued education.
I take a closer look and his signature card is taped to the back. I take a closer look and shivers go up my spine, a note, a very sobering note.




This was not a mistake but a very ominous zap! What did I do for you to channel all your wrath on me? I will have to look into this vengeance thing. It’s not over Wizard!

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