my collection! started collecting january 2013.

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    hello everyone :)

    i had eleven or so pins when my family moved to arizona from florida in 2005. we didn't go to a disney park or get another pin until we moved back to florida in january 2013. i buy very few of my pins at full price (i spend entire days at the parks just trading pins, and i live near two disney outlets), which is why i have so many in such a little time! i collect primarily pixar and vinylmation pins, although i don't have a ton of either. i have smaller collections of princess, pooh & friends and duffy pins as well.

    here's my collection!
    p.s. this is gonna be a looong post, i only have around 200 pins but i love telling stories about them.

    (( pardon my huge and poor quality pictures, i took them with my phone ))


    these are my favourites from my collection! i had the 2000, castaway club, and 2004 build-a-pin before moving back.

    one of the first pins i bought after moving back is my 2012/2013 new year's eve/happy new year's dumbo (le 3000).
    the scene from dumbo is le 1500, and the january poster is le 2000.
    professor z is my lowest numbered le pin, he's le 500 and came in a set with four other le cars 2 pins.. which my mom is holding until christmas.
    alice and donald & daisy are disneystore pins.
    donald & turtle, duffy, and cheshire all come in mystery packs, and cheshire is limited release.
    my favourites on this page that i traded for are chip & dale, alice, figment and cheshire. the first two were received from cm's.

    my soarin' fastpass might be fake but i'm positive that almost (if not) all of the rest are real.



    this is my second page, on the left are my "celebration" pins and on the right are the year pins.

    i received the happy birthday pin from my sister as a birthday gift this year, and the happy everything pin as a gift from my grandmother when i was eight.
    i hope to put event (holiday/mvmcp/etc.) pins here as well, when i buy some.

    i traded for the two 2011 pins (which might not be real? they're really worn) and bought the two 2012 pins on clearance just last week!



    this is my first collection, pixar pins. on the left are non-toy story pins, and on the right are toy story (including toy story mania) pins.

    the lightning mcqueen tire is a disneystore pin.
    i bought both the grape soda and seagull pins.
    the finding nemo the musical pin comes on the hat at animal kingdom.
    merida's brothers are sold in a set. finn (maybe fake) and holley are sold together, although i traded for them separately. eve is sold in a set with wall-e.
    the lightning & mickey hat pin was on a board at a character warehouse trading event last week, but i didn't get him during the game. however, the lady right behind me was lucky enough to get it, and was kind enough to trade me for it!

    i traded for the majority of my toy story pins, except trixie, big baby, and lotso.
    i have all but two out of the toy story mania set, although my armadillo and cat are fake.
    trixie and big baby were on clearance around two months ago, and my mother bought my lotso pin as an easter gift.



    on my fourth page i have two of my smaller collections-- princesses and winnie the pooh.

    rapunzel and the jasmine on the left were purchased on clearance.
    jasmine on the right was traded for yesterday.
    the three child princesses are part of a set of eight.
    tiana & naveen were traded for earlier this week, and belle was traded for yesterday.
    belle is part of a set from 2007. she's interesting because she feels and looks like a sedesma, even though she's a legitimate disney pin.

    i've had the pooh at the top & the roo right near him since the first time i lived here.
    i traded for all of the rest.
    the baby pooh is a rack pin, and the pooh & piglet are part of a mystery set.
    i think the hm pooh is real, although the bottom piglet and pooh pins might be fake.



    page five contains one of my smaller collections (duffy) and other tiny collections of hm and mystery pins.

    the country duffy pins are part of a set of seven, so i'm only missing one!
    i believe the majority of my hm duffy with hats are fake, although i still love them.

    all four of my alice hm pins are fake.. but again, i like them, so i keep them.
    my three beauty and the beast pins are part of a mystery set for new fantasyland.
    the uk hm set is complete.. it's my only complete hm set! i think all of these are real (i bought the completer pin).


    my sixth page has only two pins so far.. but that's okay, because my eighth has none. they're both disneystore pins.

    i'm pretty sure they're both real, but since there's so many mickey and chip pins i haven't been able to find either on pinpics to check.


    my seventh page has vinylmation pins, both full-size and mini.
    i only have two 3-d vinylmation pins, one of which is on my first page and the other of which is missing.. so neither is on here right now.

    the ones i like more are on the right side.
    i bought four packs of park #6 pins to get the magic kingdom/epcot sign pin.
    i bought the upside-down mickey, light mickey, monorail, yeti, wheezy and lotso (along with a lanyard, medal, and mystery vinylmation pin) off of ebay.
    i traded for fillmore with my sister (who bought the set!) and nemo with my mom.
    i found the green army man at disney's vero beach resort's orange pin crate! it's probably the cutest themed pin board i've seen.
    the two mini vinylmations were both traded for with cm's, and might be fake.


    this is my second-to-last page, which has pins that i like but don't have a theme.
    i also consider these to be the only pins that i could trade with serious traders, although even some of these are fake.

    i've traded for all of these with cm's.
    the small minnie is a sedesma pin.
    future world and figment "create" is definitely fake. the other three figments are questionable, as is the minnie with the giraffe.
    chernabog is the only le pin i have on this page, i got it a few a nights ago at downtown disney. obviously it's damaged, but i still got it because i knew it was only le 750. i also got the dinosaur and fort wilderness pins there that night.
    the flowers & trees is probably my favourite on this page!


    these are my semi-nice traders.

    others (canada goofy, baby cinderella) come in sets.
    a few (pirates, cruella, rosetta, pongo & perdita) come in mystery sets.
    the epcot 30th anniversary is
    the princess might be fake.
    the minnie & daisy is a jerry leigh pin-- it can be bought at walmarts around here.

    yeah okay so that's most of them!!
    i'm missing at least three other pins right now.. but they're in a bag somewhere around my house: snow white & all the dwarves, boo 3-d vinylmation, and "i conquered everest" hat pin.
    i have around ten other traders that are pins i don't really care about.. we buy the hidden mickey mystery sets as our primary traders.
    since i live near wdw and have a season pass, i can buy most any pin (including annual pass pins, since my mom has one).. so eventually, i hope to begin purchasing pins for those who don't live around here.

    bless your soul if you read this entire post omg.. it took me around ninety minutes to make. #obsessed
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