Trade Auction: Older HKDL Lanyard Medal & Tinker Bell Lanyard Medal

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    Hello all! This is my first auction and I have hardly a clue what I'm doing, so please bear with me! I've had these two sitting with me for a while and I have no use for them, but I think they're cool and maybe someone else will too!

    Up for auction is a lot of two (2) authentic lanyard medals! One is from 2008 and is a HKDL, still in original packaging (no pinpics ID). The other is a harder to find Tink from 2005 (#
    Both have minor flaws that don't affect their appearance much!


    The HKDL has split at the seams of the plastic sleeve, and so it slides around a bit. As with all older epoxied pins, the epoxy has yellowed a bit! As for Tinker Bell, she seems to be missing the nice clip that usually comes with lanyard medals. But she does come with a keyring replacement!

    My pinpics UN is vaus. I'm not necessarily looking for anything in particular-- even some traders would be nice! I do love seeing older pins though, and if you happen to have anything for my collections you'd be interested in bidding with, my collections are below:

    - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    - The Aristocats
    - Disney ducks
    - Walt Disney
    - Holiday pins
    - Disney cats and dogs

    And since I'm not sure if these classify as pins, or if they classify as other merch, I'll include some other Disney merch I like. I do prefer pins but I collect magnets, cast bolo lanyards, pressed pennies and penny holders! Also tins, Disney park buttons and Wonderground cards! These two medals are also a bit hard to find so keep that in mind when offering smaller stuff! But feel free to offer something you think I'd like! Just nothing too large please, as that will affect my decision making. I'm running out of room for fun stuff haha.

    This auction will end December 25th, 12 PM EST. This will give me time to decide after work and spending time with my family!

    If I goofed on this auction post, please let me know!
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