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PIN GEAR Pin Books

PIN GEAR Pin Books
I personally didn't care for Coroplast (if I was trying to push a pin in right where the interior piece hit the top, I wouldn't be able to put the pin through. And sometimes it held too well, and I had at least one pin that lost its post when I pulled it out). Cork works really well, and I've heard that wrapping it in duct tape keeps it from shedding. I've never wrapped mine in duct tape so I have little bits of debris in all my pin bags, lol. You'll figure out what you like the best ☺️
I’ve only used 2 types and both are Disney products. 100 Years of Dreams pin bag I currently use, and a small WDI Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking ghosts bag.

I highly recommend the WDI pin bag, good quality pages, thick and protective to the pins. Has a net on the back to hold whatever card backs, pin backs, extra pins. I liked that it was a crossbody so I could have my hands free but also has a handle if you want to hold it. It was a smaller bag but fit for me because I usually only carried about 50 traders at most. I would definitely look for a WDI pin bag from the secondary market or WDI store via cast access, pop ups, events.

Just my personal choice.

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This is what I've used for about 10 years to store my pins and I really like it. It stores fairly flat and the zipper is of good quality too (no easily opening and causing a disaster here) I wish that you could add more pages to it to make sorting larger collections easier but that's my only qualm with it. If you have the money it's definitely worth it.

Lanyards are always easy and enough places give them out that they're cheap/free. Not always the most secure (I have lost a singular Figment pin in 2014 and have yet to recover) but they make sorting pins super easy. I have so many lanyards.

Corkboards are great for displaying pins because you can make designs with the pins to further elevate them. Also fairly inexpensive. i recommend framing them to keep dust off and protect from potential accidental nicks and scratches. Good display frames can get a little pricey though.

If you keep them on their cards you can get a cord and some clips and string them up. Definitely one of the cheapest and easiest to customize option. Great for dorms. Bad if you have cats.

The ita bags are great, as long as the plastic covering is high quality. Cheap materials rip easily and can lead to lost pins. Don't store pins on bags that don't have a cover unless you don't mind potentially losing them or damage. The cover can sometimes make placing pins difficult - especially if you have big hands or dexterity problems.

It really depends on personal preference, goals, and lifestyle.