Pin organizing, display, and storage


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I’ve got hundreds of pins to organize.

I am disappointed Disney stopped producing those 8-velvet-page albums/cases as those are my preference in organizing my pins.

I do have some Kraken and pinfolio cases, but they’re expensive, and I’m only using them for more special collections.

I’ve taken some heavy duty felt-like pages, put them through a 3-hole punch, and stored in case-its.

Any other non-expensive ideas? They won’t be displayed and will be kept in storage bins. I’m trying to not do the pocket page zipper cases because it gets harder to put a ton of little pins when you have to do it through a pocket. I will probably not move the pins once they’re in place.
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I am disappointed Disney stopped producing those 8-velvet-page albums/cases as those are my preference in organizing my pins.
Same here! They are all I use and I hate the newer version they have had for the past few years. While I am hesitant to say it as I don't need the competition, I do find used ones in good shape and at reasonable prices occasionally on ebay.


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I use pin bags.
Although I still have 5+ boxes to organize of pins and only 3 empty pin bags left...


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You can get soft foam pages in the kids section at michaels and cut them down to the size you want from the jumbo sheets. Or maybe use a foam page with a thin felt layer over it if you want it to look more felt like to blend in with your other pages. I think the foam inner layer would help to sturdy up the felt a bit. You can find both at michaels in the kids aisle. You could also look at maybe using grommets for the page's ring holes if those aren't holding up on there own.


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I’ve bought two mystery bags of GoPinPro products before. They send more value than you pay. I bought the $150 mystery bag and I received over $250 in product each time (PM me if you would like to know what they sent me) They also had a Black Friday sale and I picked up binder pages for my case-it binders (the ones with zippers). I still keep certain pins in bins (they are boxed, usually), the rest that are in bins I still need to put into binders/PinFolios (this is time consuming because many of the pins are still on backer cards, so I label each one).

Depending in the size of the collection I either have it in a binder,PinFolio, or a bin. I also have different color case-it binders for traders (which I do not consider part of my collection).