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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Gelatoni, May 27, 2019.

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    I was just thinking about Disney pins that were distributed in interesting ways and would have cool stories. Here's some examples I could come up with:

    Where Dreams Come True - CMs in the US parks gave two Tinker Bell pins to a guest and would instruct them to keep one and give one to another guest for "spreading magic".

    Star Cast Member - For several years, a "star" guest ticket was included in with the most expensive Magic Access annual passes at Hong Kong Disneyland. When the Magic Access member brought their friend, the "star guest" would be given 2 CM recognition cards to give to CMs who did a good job. CMs who got a certain number of cards would get the pin.

    7-Eleven Japan Halloween - 7-Eleven in Japan had a Halloween promotion where you could get a free coloring page of Stitch. After coloring the page, you could return it to the store and draw a ticket from a box for certain prizes, some of which included Halloween Disney pins.

    Continuing the Pin Trading Tradition - Given by managers at WDW to guests who did something to "continue the pin trading tradition".

    Anyone know of other pins given out in interesting ways?
  2. momin.ator

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    Year of a Million Dreams Pins were given randomly to people in the parks. (please correct me if I'm wrong)
  3. hopemax

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    Well, the Disneyland Gift-Giver machine for the 25th anniversary would qualify. The Grand Prize was a car, but the most common prize were the "Land" pins. Every 30th, 300th, 3000th, 30,000th, etc. guest won something, and some tickets said "pin."
  4. Abyssinian28

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    You guys remember the Mystery Pin Machines? The only location I remember was EPCOT inside Mouse Gears, but they might have been in other locations. They were vending machines that you put money into, and would get a capsule with a pin in it. They were usually one pin out of a 5 pin puzzle.

    I was always surprised at how fast they gave up on the idea- I think something like that would go over well at the pin hut.
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  5. Ajk

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    Yeah, those were great. Agree that they should bring it back again. The one I remember most was in the shop next to Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom. Took me forever to get the Tink to finish my pirate set. :D
  6. DisneyJ

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    At the D23 Expo 2017 - they were giving out a Hei Hei pin if you were at the Oh My Disney booth. We obtained one by watching a Karaoke contest at the booth.
  7. Swapzism

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    Spend a certain amount of $$$ on pins, get a mystery pin for ~$1.
  8. Tokaji

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    There's always the Pin Quest pins.
  9. Gelatoni

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    This seems cool. But maybe they figured Mystery packs and tins are more expensive and they could get more money that way?
  10. LadyBarclay

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    This info is forth- or fifth-hand...:rolleyes:

    Currently at the magic kingdom, there is
    "Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure". Before that, there was a similar thing (never been to Disney world, sniff) based on Kim Possible, called Team Possible. When THAT was first being beta tested, before full implementation, they would ask random families at the park to try it out. Some of those families got pin #48866 by completing it. Pin was never sold.
  11. Ajk

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    They used to have them for Dive Quest participants at Epcot. Also Who Wants to be a Millionaire participants at MGM Studios (at the time). Those were cool as you would get them based on how high up you make it.
  12. Gelatoni

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    Oh yeah! I have a few Who Wants to be a Millionaire pins. I picked them up from random trades or grab bags.

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