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have a question about the propin germany pins. Does that mean that they are just made in germany and are they supposed to be any different than the other disney pins far as the paint job on them on the front or the finish used on them,etc? Thank you


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It is my understanding that Propin was a Disney Licensed product that wasn't sold in the Parks. The pins may have only been sold in Europe.

I LOVE my 2 Tigger Propin pins!! :tigger:


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Propins were licensed pins back in the 80's and 90's mostly. They were made in Germany and distributed in Europe. They were sold outside of the parks. (There is a similar type of pin made by Sedesma in Spain.)

The finish on many of them is different; it has a clear coat over it, so over time many of them have yellowed. That said, I think Propins have some really cute character designs, and some feature characters that are on very few other official pins.

They can be regarded as cheap and inferior to park pins and there was a time where they were not allowed to be used as park traders (not the case anymore), but they are just as legit as any other licensed pin like Loungefly.


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I do have a lot of propins. I really like them. They have some rare charachters and poses that you dont see duplicated on new pins all the time. Most info is already shared about them in the posts above. But yeah, they are old and were only sold in Europe and some of them are REALLY hard to find now. Especially still on the backer card.

They were often propped up on stands on counters of toy stores and such. I have a few stads so I can show you pictures of how they looked. But they could also be bought in small boxes of 9 pins so if you wanted a whole set they were avalible to buy like that as well.