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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by DavidNYC, Nov 30, 2018.

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  1. DavidNYC

    DavidNYC New Member

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    Hi all -

    My 9 year old twins really enjoyed doing a few pin trades last time at the park and for the holidays was going to try to find an inexpensive lot to buy to give them handful for the purposes of trading next trip. I'm assuming many of the sellers I see on ebay offering lots of 50-100 for less than $1 a pin probably have a lot of counterfeits but I wonder if anyone has some recommendations of sellers or stores (ebay or otherwise) that would have authentic pins at a reasonable price that would be good as a "starter set" for the kids. These will pretty much be exclusively to trade so I really don't care if they're in perfect condition or aren't the most interesting pins but I just don't want to pay for new current pins that they'll just trade away!

  2. timeerkat

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    Avoid the big lots that are around 25-30 cents per pin. Those are guaranteed to be scrappers/fakes. Plus, avoid any listing that uses the phrasing of "guaranteed tradeable" or similar rather than using the word authentic; they know that as long as the pins have Disney on them cast members will trade them even if they are scrappers, so it's their clever way of trying to pass them off as legit pins.

    There is a pin trader/buyer/seller local to Los Angeles named Kilian who sells bulk lots of authentic pins. He is well known in the pin community and is very highly regarded for legit pins. I've never purchased trader lots from him but I think he charges somewhere around $1.50 to $2 per random trader pin. I forget his exact ebay handle (and can't find it by searching right now) but it's something like Killjoy76.
  3. Ray Ray313

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    Hi, I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago. We just renewed our annual pass for the first time in a few years and my kids thought the pin trading was the coolest thing ever. I spent close to $100 to buy 3 booster sets ($30 for 6 to7 pins)from Disneyland because I didn’t want them trading away the $10 pins they had. On our way home I looked on eBay, looking to buy someone’s set they didn’t want for a cheaper price the spending $100 at DL. There were a lot of “bulk sets”. I just went off of the sellers rating and reviews. We got a bundle of 30 pins for around $20. When they arrived they all looked pretty good. Our next visit to DL my kids traded them with cast members. And they were fine. After doing more research I’m thinking that some of those pins were probably fakes. We opted to not buy anymore of those because i didn’t want to scam other people who might trade away their pins for one of ours. It’s like getting a counterfeit baseball card. I’ve found some pretty good deals on eBay for booster packs that are legit Disney pins still in the packaging and I’ve also found pretty good deals from honest people on offer up and let go apps. The big bulk sets you can get on eBay are really good deals, but I just didn’t like the fact that they are most likely fakes. The deals are too good to be real pins.

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  4. ItzaPinfan

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    I’ve had good experiences with

    $35 for a bulk lot of 25 pins. All are legit.

    Also THANK YOU for not resorting to the fakes; I know it’s the ‘easy button’ for parents when trying to support their cubs in their first pin collection/trades. I can’t tell you how deflating it is to be on the receiving end of a trade where I’ve given up an authentic one only to realize later I was duped.

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  5. starry_solo

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    Kilian Diep, kiljoy667 here on DPF and on Facebook, he sells RANDOM lots for $1.50 each plus shipping.
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