Wanted: Tangled Character Connection

Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by Tamatoa, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Tamatoa

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    Hey guys! I've been working on the Tangled puzzle collection since it came out and I only need three more. Unfortunately, they seem to have sold out in most places. So I thought I'd try to trade some of my duplicates for the ones I need!

    GOT Maximus (thanks @slbrabham!!!)
    Yellow Pascal chaser
    No pinpics numbers yet but I'll add them when they're posted.

    I have duplicates of Queen Arianna, King Frederic, Hookhand, and Eugene, (blonde Rapunzel and the Mime have been traded)

    Plus a duplicate of the brunette Rapunzel Chaser

    If anyone could help me finish this thing it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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  2. starry_solo

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    They are on Pin Trading Database :)

    Check with @Polaris, he may have some for trade
  3. slbrabham

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    I have an extra Max. Well, my niece has the extra Maximus.;) I'm helping her to complete the puzzle. I'll DM you.
  4. Tamatoa

    Tamatoa I'd rather be shiny!

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    Got Max! Thanks, @slbrabham!!! Still looking for the other two if anyone has them!
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