Sold/Ended: Tiny Kingdoms, TLM HK and SHDL and more!

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Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer -née Chubs191
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So what’s left, sounds like you got everything now? Totally following your

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Thankfully, just the Shanghai and HK releases! After that I should be good for a while. Thanks for joining me on my crazy adventures!

I should have all the new Anna releases as well at this point, thanks to some amazing people (you!) on this forum. I just found out about something new today and it started all over again!


Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer -née Chubs191
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Bumping this thread out because a new wave of Tiny Kingdoms came out! Same rules as before for mail trades (4+ Tiny Kingdoms pins per trade)

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Laurie Duronio

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Hi Chubs 191,

Are you still trading & looking for Tiny Kingdom pins?

We are interested in your:

Orange Bird
Christmas Tree
Carousel of Progress
Prince Charming’s carousel

We have:

Mickey Sundae
Winnie the Pooh
Main Street City Hall

We also have these others available if you need/want any:

Christmas Apple
Splash Mountain log
Rapunzel Tower
Beauty & Beast Rose
Buzz Lightyear vehicle
Cosmic Ray
Zurg target
Casey Junior
Tomorrowland Trash can

We have many other pins for trade & most are listed on Pinpics under Pinmates. Feel free to email us @ if you’re interested.

Hopefully, we can work something out!!

Jim & Laurie
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