Trade value of B&tB PoDM - Help, please


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Been offered a B&tB Piece of Disney Movies pin in a trade. The cell is Beast holding the rose dome when he is in the blue dress suit right before he sends Belle away. I know some of these pins are a bit hard and not quite straight-forward to me when it comes to trade value/ratio, etc. So, basically . . . hoping someone on here can give me some ideas of what this pin would be equivalent to to . . . just the trade/wants ratio or the LE number or the orig. purchase price? Or what? Thanks for any thoughts! Never done one of these pins before, so this is totally new. I just know from discussions on here that some of these are a bit harder to figure out. Thanks!


This is the link to the PP listing . . .



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That’s a nice scene. I like that he’s looking straight forward and you can see his eyes. As for trading value it’s hard because some scenes are more sought after than others.


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I can't say value but I can tell you a bit about the scene. When it comes to PODMs we know they are all LE 2000 but since all scenes differ it comes down to how many scenes there are that looks almost a like.

Beast with the Rose is one of the most common ones. There are about 200 pins out there with this scene. Of course they all look a bit different and yours looks good since he looks into the camera. But it is still one of the most common scenes.

The final value depends on how rare the scene is and how many characters are in it.