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Announcement Updates to the Pin Guides & FAQs forum

Announcement Updates to the Pin Guides & FAQs forum


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Some of you have found these already, but I wanted to make a wider site announcement. You may have noticed that a few weeks ago a couple of us got some new Moderator flair, and @Cicada has been busy with new forum tools and updating our online home. It's been a rough go over the last few years in terms of traffic, functionality and content on DPF, but several of us still believe that Disney Pin Forum has a useful role to play in the Disney Pin Trading world. A lot has changed in the almost 14 years! this site has been around. Traders have come, gone and returned. New databases and trading opportunities have sprouted. Disney has committed to revitalizing trading with Cast Members and added new pin retail locations at Disney Springs. Finally, there has to be hundreds if not thousands of new traders looking for information about their new hobby.

After almost 25 years of Disney Pin Trading, what once was common knowledge is not. The details around the craziness of releases as Official Disney Pin Trading was rolled out at Disney's Theme Parks around the World. The mistakes that were made, the changes that happened, programs that used to exist... Many of these have been lost to time. Dizpins.com once a core part in any Pin Trader's daily internet ritual has been gone almost twice as long as they provided daily news updates (ending at the end of 2008). PinPics.com has changed owners twice. And Disney has built and eliminated its online Pin Trading resources at least twice (you remember odpt.com and the What's HapPINing Blog, right?). Between Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Live Sales, etc. in some ways Disney Pin Traders have more resources than ever before, but are in other ways fleeting, chaotic and disorganized when someone desires a specific piece of information and come back to it later.

Walt Disney once said, "That quality will out. And so I think they’re going to stay with that policy because it’s proved that it’s a good business policy. Give the people everything you can give them. Keep the place as clean as you can keep it. Keep it friendly, you know. Make it a real fun place to be. I think they’re convinced and I think they’ll hang on after… as you say… well… after Disney." This is my hope for DPF, and a role I see myself providing as a Moderator. That by providing quality content, in an organized, permanent repository we can be a resource for new and long-time collectors who have questions. Just completing the guides I have completed so far, has been a fun trip through memory lane, and surprising in just how many variations, in a number of different categories there are.

If you head on down to the Pin Guide and FAQs Forum you will see a new Sticky Thread for the Master List of Guides I have in the works, and the first four guides are available as posts and linked. I have a few more guides that are prepped, and will be posted over the next week. Then I will try to work on new guides over the next several months. As extensive as some of these guides are, I expect they are "Works in Progress" as I'm sure I've forgotten or am not aware of something. I've sort of gotten myself turned around in circles with posting the links, so if any do not work, please let me know. Once I get through the initial batches I have planned, feel free to suggest additional guides or resources you would like to see. Some examples of Guides that are close to being posted are finishing the Hidden Mickey / Hidden Disney Series, Disney and non-Disney Retail Locations, and Pin Finishes.

As it turns out, a lot of the information that you might have guessed has been lost... like Disney's old websites... is not as lost as it would seem... if you know where to look. I am very eager to show everyone where to dig and leave nuggets of information of my own. After 35 years of collecting Disney pins, I have to admit that my collecting days are mostly behind me (although I'm not close to quitting yet) and I want to do what I can to make sure that people are informed. Hopefully, these will be helpful in your Disney pin collecting adventures.
New Guides completing the walk-through of Cast Lanyard to Hidden Disney Series have been posted in the Guide & FAQ forum.

Hidden Mickey Series
DLRH Hidden Mickey Series
Hidden Disney Series

Also Affiliations in How to Obtain Disney Pins section.
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With the server issues hopefully behind us, and me not having to edit these files every day or so because I remembered something I had forgotten (and I'm sure there are more I've forgotten...), I bring you a new set of guides! I'm sure there are still several things missing regarding International Disney pins and locations, so if our International forum members have more information to provide, please comment on the guides so they can be included in a future update.

Locations - Official Disney
Locations - Non-Disney
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