Were there not any WDW 1995 Pins?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Chad Amiot, Mar 1, 2019.

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    I like to buy a pin each trip, indicating the year I go to WDW. I didn't start this until 2000, so I have looked for the 4 prior years I missed(1976, 1986, 1988, and 1995). The one I can not find is 1995. It doesn't necessarily have to show the year on the front. It just needs to be identifiable as being from that year. Were there no pins for WDW in 1995?
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    Pinpics lists several that say 1995:daisy:
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    Disney has been making pins for their Parks for decades.
    Not until Pin Trading became a "thing" did Disney put a Year stamp on the back.
    Just type in 1995 in PinPics "Pin Search" and you'll see what Shelterkat and I mean :)
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    I'm not sure what you are asking exactly. Official Disney Pin Trading started in 2000 (well, Oct 1999) and so many 2000 pins are marked as such on the front (and some on the backstamp). In 2001, they started with the Mickey Icon Logo with a year on the back of the pin. Several years later they switched the backstamp to the Starburst style. So pins released in 1995, pre-dated this and so wouldn't have anything specific on the back.

    Disney has released a couple "Theme Parks through the years" collections, where they released a pin for each year featuring something that debuted in a particular year. So the 1995 pin released for WDW's 35th anniversary in 2006 was for Blizzard Beach, which opened that year. See #48588 on Pinpics.com

    If you are interested in knowing which styles might have actually been sold in 1995, that happened to be my first visit to WDW, and the ones I bought were Figment (#81), Disney-MGM logo (#1369), Mickey w/ WDW logo (#1371), Epcot Center logo (#1080), Blizzard Beach (#1778) and Dixie Landings (#3349) but these were likely available multiple years and not specific to 1995, although the Blizzard Beach pin would have first been sold in 1995 since that was the year the park opened.

    At that time, Disney was holding yearly Disneyana Conventions and those pins are dated with years, as well as some other conventions. So things like #987 and #2352 would be unique to 1995 and dated, but since those are about specific conventions you may not have attended, they may not be of interest.
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    Thanks! This is exactly (and more than) what I was looking for. I had searched for "1995" but the return was for pins which came out later, but relating to that year. I always appreciate the experience and knowledge of the people on these forums.


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