Zapped! Zap from Summerskin and AJK!!!


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I got a bubble envelope addressed to “Arendelle” today and it seriously aroused my curiosity!!! Who was this? Why my screen name? All the way from the West Coast? What IS this???

I opened a beautiful package with a sweet card, TWO pins, and chocolates!

Thank you @Ajk for your generously giving me your win! And thank you @summerskin for your sweet note, packaging, and the chocolates!
I did not already have either pin....and funny thing, I had decided NOT to open the princess dress boxes that I do have because I have terrible luck and then I just want to keep them all! Also, I LOVE Horses, esp. Carousel Horses....I have many times thought about collecting them and never have actually given in, but now I think I may “casually” (ha ha) start!!! The Tink pin (which I also LOVE Tink, but tell myself there are just TOO many Tink pins and I must limit my collection somehow! lol) has an adorable dangling carousel horse!

I bought some cork look for some display pics coming soon!!!


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I’m glad you like them! But all I did was redirect a package. :) It’s all thanks to Summerskin’s generosity. Enjoy!