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This is an incredibly belated post, but I didn't want to neglect to post a huge THANK YOU to @momin.ator, who ZAPPED me with some amazing gifts when we traded in July!

Not only was I able to trade for a gorgeous Lady and the Tramp pin for my collection, but she sent along a set of three long-sleeved onesies and an embroidered bib for Rowan! She did the embroidery herself, and it is beautiful:


The onesies fit him perfectly, and were very timely because right after I got the package we went for a trip along the California coast. I hadn't owned any long-sleeved onesies, and the whole trip turned out to be really cold, so they were exactly what we needed! They actually still fit him, and the white one was ideal to do his first birthday cake smash!


Thank you so much, Gwen, for helping me to keep my little guy warm when I was unprepared for the weather, and for the beautiful handmade bib!