2018 Pin Releases

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by a4matte, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin Well-Known Member

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    These look so much more vibrant and colorful!

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  2. lynn99

    lynn99 Well-Known Member

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    Oh wow, love many in that set (esp elastagirl, naveen).
  3. pilcrow


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    At one of the WDI pop-up shops they had the villain profiles in mystery bags (although, in fairness, I don’t know whether some had been held back for that purpose or if just the unsold ones were the ones in the pouches). You never really know what you will find there...
  4. Tamatoa

    Tamatoa I'd rather be shiny!

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    I neeeeeed that Quasimodo! And the Eugene, too, but Quasi with his bird is just too cute!
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  5. hopemax

    hopemax DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Looks like it's a good time to recall some of my favorite "early days of pin trading" sets.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But I really love the Roger Rabbit design.
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  6. sirradel

    sirradel Active Member

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    I wonder why/how they got leaked though! According to insta the artist himself leaked them but...why?

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  7. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    I remember them! My lovin'.....
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  8. echan50

    echan50 Well-Known Member

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    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I thought I was safe from any type of WDI profiles if it didn't have a Pixar character. I was fine with the two the made for the villains and now here's a sneak peak at Jessie and Elastagirl.

  9. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    Zootopia. I believe Zootropolis is only in Europe.

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  10. arielsdinglehopper

    arielsdinglehopper Well-Known Member

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    I can already see the prices for Stitch on eBay...
  11. *Firefly*

    *Firefly* Well-Known Member

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    Alright, I will have to have the Roger Rabbit pin, that one is just awesome.
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  12. Damiens pins

    Damiens pins Well-Known Member

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    I'm gonna need that prince naveen one
  13. AvatarAng1

    AvatarAng1 DPF Court Jester

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    Guys, I NEED Simba. Like, real bad. XD

    I didn't care about Nala at all, but Simba is absolutely fantastic.
  14. raikipins

    raikipins Active Member

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    Omg, why. I love the Zootopia and Incredibles pins! But since they're low LEs and from HK (thus a lot harder to obtain), I'll probably have to pass, sigh. Gotta save my lower (read, <1000) LEs for priority wishes. D:

    ETA: Just caught up and saw the profiles~! I don't want them to be the real art, lol, because I want Jim to be better. XD (Plus the poses are all rather inconsistent...?) But...does anyone know that Disney artist's IG and can PM me the account name? I wanna follow an official Disney pin designer. :3

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  15. Jack Skellington

    Jack Skellington Active Member

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    Elastagirl and Roger Rabbit pwleeeeeease..
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  16. Stix1800

    Stix1800 Member

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    Awwww man! That Tarzan profile is niiiiice!
  17. curiousdinah

    curiousdinah Active Member

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    Sign. That Stitch.....

    Although I feel for the Lion King Collectors. The Simba and Timon pin is awesome.
  18. tiggeriffic

    tiggeriffic DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I wonder why they changed the format by showing more of the characters and having more color in the Simba background. Now they won't really match with the heroines as well.
  19. chubs191

    chubs191 Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer

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    Don't make me dream again. I can't do that anymore. Since they know I'm going, they probably will release something like Disney Emoji pins.
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  20. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    I'm not sure you could have thought of a less appealing hypothetical pin...

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  21. Moonie

    Moonie Active Member

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    WDI Emoji Profiles.

    But it’s just close ups of just really bad quality JPEGS.
  22. Addicted to Alice Pins

    Addicted to Alice Pins My name is Ann, and I'm here to enable you!

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    DLP May flyer! Via Jean DP on FB.

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  23. Damiens pins

    Damiens pins Well-Known Member

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    Thankyou for posting the flyer

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Olaf will still be there when I get there on the 19th may and the same for the my cat pin
  24. a4matte

    a4matte Poor Unfortunate Soul

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    Saving you guys the trouble of listening to the super annoying Youtuber-esque interviewer on ABC this morning...
    they showed these pins during their preview of Toy Story Land in Orlando. I've seen the top 3 posted on here before but I don't really remember seeing the blocks before.

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  25. Ajk

    Ajk Not so new anymore.

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    Interesting. They look like the sort of thing that would be used for a lead up to the opening, but with the opening only 2 months away and there 14 of them, seems like a bit late. Maybe 2 a week? Seems rushed.

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