Beginner Guidlines for Pin Trading Events- A Suggestion or Two?

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by lucan444, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. lucan444

    lucan444 Active Member

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    Thank you all for your kind words........
  2. Rasputin

    Rasputin VIP Gold List

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    Great info for us new to pin trading. Thank you.
  3. Pin-A-Colada

    Pin-A-Colada The PTD Guru

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    One of the best post I have read on this site. Well done!
  4. catburger

    catburger Grown Ups Please, ACT GROWN

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    I would like to suggest that disney publish a pamphlet of this and pass it out at every PTN! hahaha. Very well written stuff there Lucan444!!

    I hope all the newer coolectors take a good read on this because it will help cut down on heartaches when trades dont go as planned because as Lucan said..there are 3 dimensions to a trade..a lot of us started off with LE sizes and thought it was fair..and as you gain experience all 3 factors play a huge roll in a trade at times!

    best of luck to everyone at their first PTE or PTN!!

    Bob & Cat
  5. swim2sea

    swim2sea DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Darryl, can I just follow you around the pin event and watch you work? I loved the article and it was very helpful even though I'm not new. It's nice to be reminded about things now and again. And when you see me following you about - don't panic - I'm learning from the master.
  6. jessykah77

    jessykah77 Member

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    thank you so much for the information. It's taking some time to get through
    all the info on the forums, but an invaluable tool for a brand new collector
  7. caw caw rawr

    caw caw rawr Squirrel!

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    Thank you! I don't live near enough to a park to attend PTN's but one day I hope to. I'm always intimidated by trading and this helped take some of the mystery out of it. Thank you!
  8. imaok4u

    imaok4u Member

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    I would like to ditto that myself, I probably will be re-reading this again should the time come near!
  9. lkohagen75

    lkohagen75 Member

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    Thanks for posting this!!
  10. Cjvandever

    Cjvandever Active Member

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    As a newbie, I am trying to make my way through all the helpful guides on the forums and found this one to be one of the most helpful! Even though I don't live close enough to attend a pin trading event, this explains a lot to me for online trading as well. Like swim2sea, I wish I could follow you around and watch you work! You seem to be doing pretty well for an "aging blonde guy". :drool:
  11. DisneyLover1987

    DisneyLover1987 Member

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    ‚ÄčIs it even worth it to go to a disney pin trading night if you only have some rack pins and no LE's?
  12. lucan444

    lucan444 Active Member

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    yes for several reasons,
    A> you can trade older or HTF rack pins for LEs
    B>you can trade rack for rack
    C> you can learn more about pintrading in general
    D> you can see for yourself, some of the pins that you only see pics of, many of which are 10x more impressive in person<pinpics uses drawings for alot of pins till actual pics of pins are posted and even than the detail and color do not equal the pin in real life!>
    E>you can meet folks who can help you with your collections in the future<NETWORKING>
    F>You may be able to purchase a few LE that are only available at the PTN,these pins almost always make great traders!!

    Please do not feel that becuase you do not have any LE that a PTN is not worth it, In my very egotistical opinion that is where some of the best trading can be done,
    I hope this helps some!!!
  13. Supermannino

    Supermannino Member

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    How would you go about trading a sought after pin, like a Rapunzel PTD? It's a little more than a typical LE PTD, so how do you make an honest trade for something like that?
  14. lucan444

    lucan444 Active Member

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    You could try the multi pin approach, or as has worked for many a trader, ask the person what they want for it, then try to get that pin,
    pleading sometimes works, offering to sell first born children only works on those without kids of their own<just a note for future>,

    All trading does resort to this fact,

    The value of the pin is only as valuable as you are willing to trade for it,!!!

    If I have an LE 100 that I think is worth x, but you who want it only think its worth Y, Y is all you can and will offer, regardless If I think its fair, you as the seeker determine its value, if no one agrees with me that the pin is worth x, I will never trade it, and never get whatever I want, however if you think its worth x you will offer x. Simple,

    Yes the person who owns the pin may think they have the uber pin of a lifetime, but its not worth anything if they insist on holding out for only what they see is fair, unless both parties agree, one person will continue without the pin and one will have a pin that isnt worth as much as they may think, or hope its wanted.

    Please reread the above article as well, it does list several different approaches to trading , any of which may work depending on your approach to the trader who has what you want, your attitude and your willingness to give them what they want,

    Trade usually means equal exchange but only if the parties involve can reach an agreement, thats why diplomats get such big bucks btw!!!
  15. Supermannino

    Supermannino Member

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    Thanks for the advice. I was speaking in the reverse-- I being the one with the pin. I just want to be able to trade it for some pins I want. Hopefully I can make a good trade with it!
  16. Michimaro

    Michimaro Member

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    This guide is absolutely wonderful and should be a must-read for all new pin traders. As a person that's new to pin trading, I agree that it can be somewhat intimidating trying to negotiate a trade with the "veterans", especially when a lot of us feel that our pins aren't "good/rare enough".

    For me, I felt somewhat intimidated just looking through people's trade books outside The Little Green Man Store in DLR because I didn't feel like I had anything to offer that they wouldn't already have. I did meet some very nice people though that were willing to trade with me and I left feeling so happy. The point won't know if people will agree to your trades if you don't give it a try.
  17. Snoffsan

    Snoffsan Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for this guide!!! I'm guessing Imwont ever make it to any event like this, but if I ever do I want to be sure to do it right!
  18. VanellopeFan

    VanellopeFan Member

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    This post was wonderful! I learned so much :).
  19. MMiano

    MMiano Princess Mmiano

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    Thank you so much for that!
  20. Suzziesue

    Suzziesue Crazy for Disney Pins

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    Good tips and advice!!


  21. Firebaby22

    Firebaby22 "One to keep, one to trade."

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    Lots of good info.
  22. PinMaster13

    PinMaster13 Member

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    Thank you for this. I really feel like this will help me in the future. I am starting to collect more and more valuable pins and plan on making it to events.
  23. sfshia

    sfshia New Member

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    Hi there! I've gone to Disneyland at least once a year, and have had my first annual pass for the past two years! I always see people hanging around and trading pins. I've always been sort of intrigued by it, and now I've decided to finally try and get involved! :)
    I am a newbie to pin trading, and recently bought a lot of 50 pins for about $20 from someone I now know is a bad dealer (sold me a bag of scrappers, counterfeits, etc). I won't be trading these in the parks, but I was wondering if there was a seller or two you guys knew of that sold the pins for cheaper. I don't really want to pay $80 for a handful of pins straight from DL.

    So my question is: Do you guys know of anyone online that sells lots or close to lots of real pins for (at least slightly) less?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! I admire all of you traders and am excited to start trading :hsd:
    Last edited: May 13, 2013
  24. lucan444

    lucan444 Active Member

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    bumping for the newer folks to see. happy hunting~
  25. OogieBoogieRay

    OogieBoogieRay Member

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    Take a deep breath when you go in! LOL I was really surprised at my first event. Didn't expect that many people!

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