Beginner Guidlines for Pin Trading Events- A Suggestion or Two?

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by lucan444, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. ALittleBitOfMagic

    ALittleBitOfMagic Member

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    Thanks for this! Planning on potentially heading to the November 22nd PTN at DLR so this was super helpful!
  2. VirginieA

    VirginieA Member

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    Very useful thread ! Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain this to us newbies :)
  3. tiggermickey

    tiggermickey DPF Correspondent DPF Correspondent

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    You are welcome ,I hope it helps you in the pin trading world
  4. lucan444

    lucan444 Active Member

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    NO thank you, for taking the time to read and understand the mad ramblings of an aging shiny metal geek like me!!! If any of my words helped in any way, then the Fl sun has not totally warped my brain and I can say thank you to YOU!!!

    The newer folks in any hobby is what keeps the oldtimers young at heart, some of us may be a tad pin jaded, but if you stand next to a new person whom is getting that"oh boy oh boy boooy, " rush of a grail trade or a much loved and sought after pin, you get a rememberence of why you started this hobby, and once again the old are young again!!!

    Thank you for being OUR PONce de Leon!!!!
  5. jessatattoo

    jessatattoo Member

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    All good info, thanks. Hope it works the same here in Paris!
  6. lucan444

    lucan444 Active Member

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    with the gala a week away thought this might help some of the newer folks, if not just let it fade to oblivion again... good luck trading everyone!!
  7. mkat27

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    Very helpful! Going to my first event at DSF this Friday :)
  8. tiki-4

    tiki-4 New Member

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    Great points that need to be at the top for all traders to look at periodically. Not only helps the newbie, but will remind the old timer how to communicate more effectively without sounding or becoming so burned out.
  9. Kritter

    Kritter Carousel Fanatic

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    I've never been to a pin swap event, and now that i no longer live in California it will probably be rather difficult to do so, but on the off-chance it does, would it be best to bring a more experienced pin trader with me to help guide me during an event?
  10. heyyitsluis

    heyyitsluis New Member

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    Thanks for the great advice!
  11. pinrunner

    pinrunner New Member

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    Thanks for the great advice . These tips will be very useful for my first pin trading event.
  12. jprincess

    jprincess Active Member

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    Great post very helpful. I am looking forward to maybe eventually getting to attend a pin trading event.

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