Is PinPics down

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by d.ducks, Aug 5, 2018.

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    My thoughts exactly (although I didn't contribute except maybe one pin). I'm not even sure that the original Pinpics had a "If you submit photos/writing, we then own it" disclaimer, because it was very much a site by fans, for fans.
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    Just as a preface: I'm not writing this shoot anyone down or be a know-it-all, just to offer some information and perhaps a call to duty.

    Keep in mind that @ryanfury hasn't really run PTDB in a while; that's been @starry_solo, who has worked on it tirelessly for the past couple years (sorry Ryan, but it's true). In my humble opinion, if we are to back another pin trading website, I think it should be something that this community to some extent creates and controls. Pin trading is an ENORMOUS hobby and having a site run/controlled/managed by one or two people is just asking for trouble and all kinds of problems (again, not looking to put anyone down).

    My solution/thought is, if Ryan and Li are open to it, getting a fair number of earnest DPFers on board with PTDB as mods/volunteers/helpers/designers/what-have-yous in order to really push it to the level that PinPics was and beyond. With many people helping and many minds banding together, we could really make something awesome. Something that stays free (or donation only) and for the pin traders. Just my two cents.
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    My recollection is that the original owners were quite clear that the info and pics contributed were for everyone's free use and weren't "owned" by anyone - which is why I contributed so much back in the day - so everyone would have information and use of it but no one else claimed rights to what I contributed.

    It was just essentially a crowd sourced nice version of a wiki that they maintained for the benefit of and by the gracious contributions of the pin community. Not for their own benefit or profit nor claims to "ownership" of other people's contributions.

    And as a result of the community maintaining it rather than a small private team - it was far more accurate, comprehensive and kept constantly updated by the community on a minute by minute basis. The current version of the site became a sinking ship the second the pin community as a whole stopped being able to immediately plug the holes and fix it.
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    @starry_solo has done a great job of adding pins and promoting the PTDB. The ptdb codebase has been unchanged for about 3 years, as I had accepted that pinpics got their act together enough, and also stopped collecting pins as much. If there's a need in the community we can start back on active development immediately. I believe we are happy to accept any help. Li and I are often in the DPF chatroom for any discussions.

    I believe I have fixed that issue with blank price and edition size. It will just default to 0 if you leave them empty.
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    Was thinking along these lines too. If one person is considered the owner then they could just sell it again and history repeats itself.
    Is there a way to create a board to control a database for pins? Sort of like a non-profit organization that is run by a group and not owned by any one person?
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    A multiple owner LLC would be best. Ryan could keep his control but give up % to other owners that would all have a set of operation guidelines to keep the company on track. But I'm sure many of us would also trust Ryan to not let us down or let history repeat its self.
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    Am I the only one that feels like they may be seeing the start of something big in the Pin Trading world?
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    No you are not.

    But to me it feels more like a phoenix rising from its ashes.
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    If you want a silver lining for the whole "pp is dead just when we need it for the big pin event" mischigas (sp?), look at it this way:

    With pinpics down, at least you won't have traders going to pp to look up the wants and trades ratios and slowing a prospective trade to a halt!
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    Either that or everybody won’t trade at all because they can’t find their pin on Ebay sold auctions and they don’t want to get sharked.:p
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    2 weeks down
  12. Chaos Cent

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    The thought of reentering all of my pins (I have been collecting since 2000) is a bit over whelming, but I am willing to give it a shot. I will be at the pin event. I am only bring 2 or 3 bags with to trade as I will only carry them on because I have "lost" some when I checked them in the past. I am in Philly and hoping to do the NJ event this fall. Anyway, I arrive Monday night, staying at the BW DVC, and I am picking up pins on Thursday so will be in the trading room. I wear a brown vest with my Holy Grails on the back, a dark green hat with some of favorite keepers and drive an ecv due to a myriad of medical issues. If any of you are around and want to show me how to navigate the new site and upload stuff (I am not as computer literate as you youngsters,) I would be glad to start entering the pins I bring with. I will then attempt to do some more entering when I come home. I am chaoscent on pinpics, if it ever gets fixed. I have decided to print what I have and worry about the ratios if/when PP gets fixed. I am friends with a trader named EngineerJohn and I always look to him for advice so hopefully he can help me make some trades. Take care, Penny
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    This is truly crazy. I have a web site and a person that maintains it for me. Does not take him two weeks to fix something . More like one day. I do feel sorry for everyone associated with and Pinpics. There will be no hiding on Thursday. Time to hire a new IT person. I had a person who maintained my web site disappear a few years ago. Had to hire someone else and it can be a long process. Hope to See everyone at the Event.
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    I'm just kind of watching this thread, but I would like to add that I'm impressed with how constructive it's been.

    Someone mentioned a phoenix. I think that's an apt metaphor.

    Looking forward to seeing where it all goes. :)

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  15. TiggerSue

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    If I had just paid the $195 discounted or $225 full price for this year's Gold Membership - I'd tell them to "Keep the (2?) pins & give me my $$$$ back"!!!!! :)
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    This is my worry. No one will want to trade Auctions and Shopping pins (what I really want this time), and it's just going to be miserable for everyone. You can't add ten bajillion pins in less than 5 days to (I would love that, but it would take some major PR and the whole pin community to support it). If they went down a month before, we would have more time to adjust. If they say, "Here's new Pinpics!" the day before, I will be so disappointed, because there's bound to be so many bugs with a new site.
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    A small bit of progress made. I was able to pull up pictures (in some case partial pictures) but now all I am getting is black. Still can't access my account. I am just going to print what I have. Very Frustrated.
  18. maiarebecca

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    I was able to see photos late last night too. I logged in on my phone, refreshed a bunch of times, closed the browser, reopened, and I was logged in. Then a series of refreshes, back and forward buttons got me to view the pages I needed. No sweat, right?
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    It looks like the eye roll emoji didn’t post with my comment, so I will add that I am rolling my eyes. A lot.
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    Can only hope Pinpics works as well for me when I give it another try. hahaha
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    It came across… without the eye roll. :) (Hopefully my comment comes across as... ironic? would that be the correct descriptor?)
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    Just want to clarify my comment was not directed at or Ryan (I know nothing specific about either... the DB or Ryan.) I purposely excluded any references to any specific DB or person, since my comment applies to any effort at a new database (devils advocate and all). :)

    The ideal database set up? **go into dream mode here** Perhaps a DB run by an organization (LLC or what have you) with a membership (members can run for board and/or vote) and elected board (ie, the DB is owned by the organization of which anyone can join if they say... for example... pay dues or contribute time to the database... adding pins, setup, or upkeep)… perhaps a 'club' type set up... Any dues collected would pay for costs of the DB upkeep/maintenance/server/etc., but club members would also be encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise to save on the cost of upkeep. You would not need to be a member to use the database (and have an account), but if you want to vote for the board, you would need to meet membership requirements (whatever that is determined to be by a board...) Anyway, that was what I was thinking... too complicated? probably... but dare to dream we could come together as a community like that. :cool:

    The pin trading community is up in arms with what happened/is happening with Pinpics and one would think trying to learn from the history is a good thing. … do not repeat mistakes of the past... something I was taught when I was young.

    But ultimately I am good with just getting a new database up and running. A more formal entity would take much more time and thought. Sometimes you just have to go on faith (as someone told me recently.) :)

    Okay, going to add more pins to PTDB! :D
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  23. maiarebecca

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    From Facebook an hour ago:

    Maybe if the problem happened August 5 you could have addressed it before August 19? Just a thought. *shrug*

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  24. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Thank you for sharing the info... for us non-facebookers...
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    I'm in the camp for both sites to continue to be available for collectors. My hopes are that Pinpics is repaired and improved and PTDB continues to grow and innovate. Both sites have much to offer the pin collector. For earlier pins, Pinpics will be tough to beat, whereas, PTDB does an awesome job on all of the newer releases. It is not a matter of one or the other for me, but would just rather see both continue. In fact, the more the merrier, after all there are no guarantees on either.
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