WDW Pin Trading Location Guide

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  1. john gibson

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    The cast member who was working at the pin stand in Future World explained to me a week ago how the trading board works at her station. She said that a computer randomly picks a time for the trading board to open, and a manager brings it over. She said it was meant to be done that way to make it more special when you are able to find it. She also said the trading times for Mouse Gears was 1:00 and 5:00.

    Also, at the Frontierland pin store, they had the hat, a small cork board, and a post. It was literally like a scratching post you would buy your cat, except it was about five feet tall, with corkboard attached on the sides. They told me that since the store was called "The Trading Post" they had this trading post to go with it. It was the first time I had seen it. I feel like they change things nearly every time I'm there.

    Another new one I was shown last week was in Sir Mickey's. When I was looking at a CM lanyard, they mentioned that they had a sword and sheild to trade off of. They got out foam toys shaped like a sword and one shaped like a shield. They kind of made it sound like it was their own idea as cast members working in this store to take it upon themselves to set this additional trading opportunity up. Not sure if that is a fair assumption, but they said something to make me think so. Another CM (I forget where) had a lanyard that had about twice the amount of pins they usually have on. I asked if there wasn't a rule that they had to always have twelve? She said that so far no one had told her otherwise, so that made me think that some folks are doing things their own way when they are able.

    I can't believe I was there a week ago and instead of being satisfied with my trip, I am already planning what to do next time I go!
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    Wow! So wish I had read this before our trip in Dec. So awesome! I had one other question, dont know if its been asked before or not. Besides the boards, do some of the selling locations carry pins that other locations throughout WDW dont carry? For example during MVMCP we found certain pins on sale at carts that we hadnt seen elsewhere. Is this a fluke, did they just happen to sell out at some of the other spots, or do they do this on purpose so you will look everywhere? Might be a dumb question, but I am still dumbfounded at the enormity of all that is the pin world. "What is this wonderful world i've stepped into?"
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    I went to WDW last week and on Friday at Animal Kingdom in the Oasis I saw a pin stroller.
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    5pm everyday in the main lobby of Sports Music & Movies Pin trading held.
  5. docj44

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    Thanks for all the information!
  6. Santi

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    Pizzafari has one or two pin trading boards in the back, if there are some empty tables to lay them out on you should ask them to bring it out. ( one of the CMs actually asked me if I wanted her to bring them out after seeing my lanyard, lovely lady <3 )
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    This is going to help me so much when I go to WDW in April!
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    This thread is awesome! can't wait to try some of the tips.
  9. keldenar

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    At Animal Kingdom the wheelchair staff have a stroller with a Mickey doll in it that is covered with Pins. We almost missed it walking by but it had a ton of pins and Mickey was wearing 2 lanyards that where also full of pins.

    At the Confectionary they no longer had a book they had an oven mitt covered with pins. Less then a small pin board but more then a lanyard.
  10. Ryan-Pins

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    Planning on using this when I go to WDW, thought I'd say thanks. It would have been so useful on my previous adventures, haha.
  11. earthbound

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    All Star Sports has a large pin board behind the check-out (not sure if this is the same with other All Star resorts)

    The confectionary store on the corner of Main Street has a "Pin Oven mitt" or hat behind the counter - ask to see it!

    EPCOT Africa Outpost now have a trading bag behind the checkout inside the hut

    Also remember at DownTown Disney several stores also trade from lanyards - Once Upon a Time, Team Mickey & TrenD all have staff wearing lanyards!
  12. dawny

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    wow i need my notebook....i didnt know any of this, i just bought, traded at the pin station in epcot and with cm, didnt know to look in hotels or shops or to ask
  13. coblj003

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    As a CM, I generally carried more then the minimum pins for the lanyard, but I did get told once by a coordinator that if they did an audit I would be wrote down for being inconsistent with Disney dress guidelines. I believe the shops at the all stars, or at least all star sports, have a binder to look through as well.
  14. cristywill

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    This thread is great! It will be a huge help when we go to WDW. Thanks!
  15. Santi

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    I'm not sure if it's because of the closing of the monorails from 11AM to 6PM but today there was a CM where the boat lets out at magic kingdom with two pin boards.
  16. dawny

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    thanks so much, been there a ton of time and NEVER NOTICED! if you get on here can you clearify, is that the cart down below, or the store once you climb the stairs?
  17. earthbound

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    It's in the store up the stairs - usually behind the checkout, you may have to ask to see it!
  18. Remus_Lupin91

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    The Grand Floridian did theirs last year from 3:00 to 5 when i went.
  19. ragerat1

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    Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom have the pin stroller that you can trade with at the stroller rental station. They also sometimes bring it out and walk around with it.
  20. merimarie

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    Rockin' Rollercoaster has a pin drum in their photo pickup area - you have to ask for it!
    Sir Mickey's in Magic Kingdom has a shield that they often carry around the store.
    And of course the shops in the All-Star Resorts have boards - we once had a CM in the dining area at Music bring out a HUGE board and a ton of lanyards for us to look at!
  21. Blacksmoke

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    great info
  22. CrashMyParty

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    Don't know if anyone already wrote this but at Oscar's (that little gas station looking refreshment/souvenir shop to the right as you enter Hollywood Studios, straight across from Sid Cahuenga's, the hollywood memorabilia store) has a small pin board.

    Also, at Disney's Boardwalk, in the lobby area where guest relations is there were three trading areas:
    1) Guest relations had a pin book upon request
    2) As you enter, straight ahead there was a little Disney vacation club stand over in the right corner that had a pin board out the whole time we were there.
    3) From the right corner where the Disney vacation club stand was if you turn left and keep straight to the hallway there is a small souvenir store on the right hand side of the hall that had a small pin board when requested.
    And of course, there were plenty cast members with full lanyards all throughout that main building!
  23. Mahrii

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    A huge thanks and Kudos for all this information. Went to DTD on Sunday and we scored several awesome pins. Got a CARS LE 350 pin from the book they brought out at 6:30, it was a mystery pin too! Got several others. And finished a couple of sets as well. We had a blast. Can't wait to go to WDW this next week, we should have a blat at the parks.
  24. Vickie2011

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    Art of Animation DVC person had a pin board first thing in the AM on the way to the busses!
  25. allie36

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    Thanks for posting this! I will most definitely be using this next time I go to Walt Disney World. Only wish I saw this before I went on my trip in April :(

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