WDW Pin Trading Location Guide

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  1. abrown1087

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    Thank You!!! This will be so helpful in 18 dayssss!
  2. ownedbycats

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    This is great info - will print it out and bring it to Mickey's Circus
  3. Mupghle

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    Is there any sort of guide for Disneyland? I know the pin-trading isn't nearly as big there, but I'm sure there are still some secret spots!
  4. Disxar

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    Here's another:
    at the stroller renting place there's a "secret pin trading stroller". they only hve it out on random days at random times, so just take a chance and ask :) The top is covered in pins and there is a stuffed mickey sitting
    in it with his own lanyard. This is only at WDW the magic kindgdom.
  5. jessykah77

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    a great resource for my upcoming trip, thanks
  6. mylittletyguy

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    "The Outpost" <----The store outside of the Animal Kingdom has a Pin Vest if you ask for it! <3
  7. Takeo7789

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    Hey I haven't seen it posted but has anyone mentioned the 'popcorn vendor' CM in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom? He has pins stuck in a cardboard popcorn lol I'm not sure how to explain it better..
  8. Dizzypins

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    Thanks for the info. I am at WDW right now am going to check out some of these locations.
  9. keewee

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    We've not long arrived home from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Florida.

    We spend a number of days in the parks at WDW where my son and I discovered pin trading! WOW - it was awesome!

    Really wish we'd know about it before going so we could have been prepared with the like of the info in this thread!! :)

    Thanks for the great information everybody. If we ever manage to get back to the US again we know here to come to first!

    Now, do I bother to go through all our traded pins and check them to make sure they are legit, and not scrappers or fakes...
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  10. keewee

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    I recently found myself in the same situation - at MCO to catch international flight home, all pins packed in checked baggage and nothing to trade!

    I ended up buying a packet of pins in the store so I could trade with the CM's. LOL
  11. Aura of Foreboding

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    Going to check these places out in 10 days! Wooo!
  12. imaok4u

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    The spots I would check out (I went a week ago):

    1. The front of the bus stations outside the parks (Right before you hit security).
    2. The shop across from the Little Mermaid Ride (They have their board about an hour or so after the park opens).
    3. The Big Main St. Shop in DL (The one next to the fire department).

    Those are some of the places where I've retrieved the new Carsland pins and other stuff. Watch out for scrappers, as always :)
  13. Snoffsan

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    Thanks! This is perfect for us who will be visiting some of the WDW parks for the first time!
  14. VanellopeFan

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    Wow, I never realized there were all these pin trading locations! I'm going to WDW this summer, so I'll definitely have to print this off and take it with me.
  15. MerlinEmrys

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    Awesome! :D MaryScribbles and I are going to be in WDW from Sunday to Wednesday! This helps out a lot! can't wait! :D

  16. kronos

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    Daughter is heading to Animal Kingdom this month on a field trip, hopefully she'll get access to the pin boards. Thanks for this!
  17. gw6178

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    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Really good information for new traders heading to WDW. I will defintely be taking this info with me when I return in March.
  18. DisneyDiraa

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    Hi! Don't know if it's been mentioned, but there's also a pin trading "wheel" at Westward Trading Co. in Frontierland at Disneyland. I'd be very wary about the pins though as my sister and I didn't look very closely today and came home with two scrappers. :( But this is super helpful so thank you!
  19. Disnerd1989

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    There is a shop on your right as you walk down Sunset Boulevard towards ToT. The one that sells the usual general disney merch.

    I've only traded there twice but both times to staff had great pins on their lanyards. The first time, I got a really nice ToT and the second time (on Star Wars Weekend last year) I got three Star Wars Vinylmation pins.

    I think HS seems to trade out more Vinylmation pins than other parks. During the same trip, I also got three (I was only trading for two because of the trading rules, but the CM asked if I'd like the third one too) Muppet vinylmations.

    I've rarely found legit Vinylmation pins on the lanyards of CMs in other parks.
  20. JMR

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    Thank you all for the wonderful information in this thread.

    Does anyone know if the CMs at Typhoon Lagoon wear pin lanyards or have pin boards? We'll be making our first water park visit this summer.
  21. Warzy

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    Some of these have changed, but here are some new ones (from trip 11/10-11/15/14):

    Beach and Yacht Club both just have books in the gift shops. Yacht club also has one at Bell services.

    Wilderness Lodge has a small board out all of the time at their pin cart.

    Downtown Disney - Pin Trading Hut has a huge board on the wall, but it is opened just once a day randomly (usually mid afternoon)

    Magic Kingdom - Big Top has a tray of plush Popcorn containers covered with pins; CM is usually walking around with this.
    - Pirates - as you exit the ride, the counter on the left past the restrooms has a chest of pins. It's closed, so you have to ask for it.
    - Shop just inside entrance. It's where you pick up the embroidered ears, looking up main street and facing the castle, it's furthest right. They have an ear hat of pins.
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  22. minniemeg

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    These are the places that I know for trading @ DLR
    DisneyLand- Main Street Emporium has a pin board @ the central check out area
    Across Main Street @ the Music Shop- pin board
    Adventure Land-Indiana Jones shop has a pin chest
    New Orleans Square- Haunted Mansion merch shop next to gumbo place has a board
    Supposedly there is one in Toon Town but I haven't been in there yet
    FantasyLand- lanyard @ Mad Hatters shop
    TomorrowLand-board @ Star traders
    Little Green Men shop has a lanyard
    FrontierLand- wagon wheel on the porch across from Westward Ho

    Info booth by bus pick up and drop off area (ie. to Toy Story prkng lot)

    Board at Julius Katz on Buena Vista
    Tower of Terror gift shop- lanyard
    Embarcadero store (across from Lil Mermaid ride) has a board
    Pin Traders outside by the Embarcadero sometimes has a lanyard

    Downtown Disney
    Pin Traders -lanyard
    D Street store has a board

    These are all the ones that I have personally traded at in the past month!
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  23. JASBG

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    I was a WDW Magic Kingdom about a week ago and ran into a few areas with pins to trade (in addition to the CMs all around)

    - Bonjour! Village Gifts, Fantasy Land - This is the shop across from Gastons' Tavern, I always referred to it as Belles' shop :) While looking at a CM lanyard, another CM pulled out a hollow book that had a sheet of cork inside with about 10 pins
    - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Cinderellas' Castle - CM was walking around with a lanyard as well as a toy foam shield (which they sell) with about 15 pins on it
  24. SkyBerry

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    At the Electric Umbrella at Epcot they have a pin trading umbrella
  25. McMorgan

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    Thank you so much for the DLR update. Hopefully we will be able to report successful trades after our trip in August!

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