What themes / characters do you collect? How have you organised them?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by FloFlo71, Jul 23, 2016.

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  1. tiggeriffic

    tiggeriffic DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I have a very small Figaro collection, but I love it. Sounds like you have a lot! I'd love to see a picture of all your Figaro pins! :tigger:
  2. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    Ask and ye shall receive. :)


    The third board is a mess; I really need to give the dogs their own space. There's also two fantasy pins on there.

    And these boards don't include a couple of my Figaro pins that I keep with my Halloween collection. :)

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  3. jprincess

    jprincess Active Member

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    Wow beautiful collection. What type of board is that? How did you get the beautiful blue background?
  4. jprincess

    jprincess Active Member

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    Currently I only have 1 board. However I've organized it in a few categories:

    1. Little Mermaid pin section
    2. Muppet pins
    3. Sleeping beauty
    4. Tangled
    5. Animals (Marie, Cheshire, Lucky, etc)
    6. Travel (Flag pins and such)
    7. Lilo and Stitch
    8. Others section
    9. Frozen section

    I try to keep the pins in a specific section of the board based off the category they fit in.

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  5. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    Thank you!
    I buy the empty frames at Hobby Lobby, then cut a piece of coroplast (from Home Depot - you can also use cork) to the correct size with a utility knife, put a layer of foam and another layer of fabric on top (the dark blue glitter is just felt from a craft store), and tape up the back to close it. I prefer this method to using shadow boxes for most of my pins because I like to rearrange them a lot.

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  6. Story

    Story PinPics : writerkay

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    Your figaro collection is adorable!! Wow, so many sweet ones!! You have such a cute way of arranging them! <3

    i love reading about everyone's different collections. I guess I would say I classify mine more by themes than by characters - Writing, childhood memories, and Disneyland park would be the main ones ^.^
  7. jprincess

    jprincess Active Member

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    Oh wow that sounds like a very complex process! But turns out so well. Thanks for sharing how to do it. Who knows maybe one of these days I'll give it a try. Thanks! :)
  8. caw caw rawr

    caw caw rawr Squirrel!

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    Love the Figaro collection! Thanks for sharing!
  9. tiggeriffic

    tiggeriffic DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    :eek::bowdown: You have the most awesome Figaro collection I've ever seen!! Now I see so many I want. Some of them look really big and others really small. I like all sizes. I love how you've put a few Cleo pins in there to keep him company. Thanks so much for showing your collection! :tigger:
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  10. AidanShepard

    AidanShepard A Villainous Villain!

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    Oh gosh my collection attempts right now are: Lilo and Stitch, Zootopia, BH6, Inside Out, Moana, and Dr. Facilier.. and Kingdom Hearts! I have only one cork board right now, but I've got the Moana pins surrounding a Moana Lithograph, and the Stitch pins are in their own little spot, too. When I finally have a bunch more, I may get individual boards for each collection! :D
  11. cyke23

    cyke23 Well-Known Member

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    I only have 3 sets out on display in my office: 2016 Not So Scary Halloween Party villains with masks set, 2016 Season's Greetings ice skates set, and a Disneyland framed pin set (where each letter is a pin). The 2 boxed sets just sit on my desk, but the DL frame is on the wall above my door. All the rest of my pins are in the closet or on my bookshelf. I wish I could have them out on view to look at them more often.

    The pins in my closet are in those Disney pin books or bags or in a box for the boxed sets or special boxed pins. The ones in the bookshelf are in 3 ring binders in various pocket pages.

    For my pin collections, since the vast majority are in the closet, I take a photo of every single page so I know which I own. The only photos I didn't take are the boxed sets/boxed individual pins. I use pinpics and have an Excel file of all my pins. I love inventory lists! Anyways, in no particular order except for the photo order in my phone:
    1. various Hidden Mickey sets - I don't collect all of them, but I have more than I thought because it's hard for me to not be a completist when I get 1 hidden mickey on a cast member lanyard.
    2. male human leads, with a focus on Prince Philip, Prince Eric, Aladdin, and Will Turner
    3. Jack Skellington
    4. villain sets - this is my largest collection that take over 2 books because there are so many sets!
    5. Mickey Mouse and mickey icons (mickey head shape) - When I finally organized my collection a few years ago, I never realized I had so many Mickey Mouse, so this is my unintentional collection.
    6. Star Wars
    7. Maleficent - my favorite Disney character
    8. other individual villains with a focus on Evil Queen, Ursula/Vanessa, and Chernabog
    9. Epcot 30th anniversary
    10. Hollywood Studios 25th anniversary
    11. occasion days, such as holidays, seasons, Mothers/Fathers Day, etc.
    12. D23 exclusives - anyone else going this July? I can't wait.
    13. attractions separated by DL/DCA only, WDW only, and shared
    14. Pirates of The Caribbean with a focus on the redhead
    15. Disneyland 50th anniversary - I love looking at all the gold!
    16. various character sets - This is vague, but here are my favorites: Christmas light bulbs, Chinese zodiac, the kiss, princess filigree, La Noel de Raiponce, good luck bad luck, BATB vinylmation, Aladdin map, Disney dreams DLP, flowers pursuit, TLM character connection, as well as lots of the PWP sets and quarterly AP sets
    17. Stitch San Francisco - this is probably my most niche collection
    18. Frozen
    19. Haunted Mansion
    20. Disneyland 60th anniversary - I love looking at all the diamonds!
    21. Marvel
    22. everything else, which is 10 pins or less of various characters or movies, such as Fab 6, Tigger, Chip & Dale, Tinker Bell, pins that have my initials J and Q, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin.

    I have several lanyards that I alternate wearing at Disneyland/DCA (lucky to be an annual passholder) and about once every 3 years when I can get to WDW. They are: male leads, Haunted Mansion, villains, Jack Skellington, Halloween, Christmas, Marvel, Disneyland 60th anniversary, Star Wars, and Kristoff.

    This has been great reading about everyone else's collections, and I enjoyed writing about my collection.
  12. Luki

    Luki Member

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    Hey all, this is my first post outside of the Intro forum :)

    Things I enjoy are anything with tikis on them, so Enchanted Tiki Room and Polynesian in particular. I like attraction pins (Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, 20,000 Leagues, Matterhorn, etc.) and pins having to do with the Monorail. I also like a lot of the "historical" pins, so things commemorating anniversaries, or some of those pins with images of things in a TV, for instance. I sell mid-century modern architecture, so I really enjoy anything with MCM-style design elements (usually these are retro or retro inspired pins related to DLR) and things designed by Shag. I also have a bunch of Tron pins and would enjoy getting more of those. I have a few Tinker Bell and Jessica Rabbit pins and then random characters from other things, too.

    Haha I guess it's all kind of a mish-mosh - and that's how everything is currently (dis)organized, too. It's all in a photo box on a shelf in a closet in the basement, ugh. Trying to figure out the best way to get things organized but easy enough to put away when we're not enjoying them, but I definitely don't want to keep them hidden away anymore. Our son has gotten bitten by the bug now, too, and so I'd like to start keeping track of things and having them available to look at etc.
  13. Nasubionna

    Nasubionna Active Member

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    Oh wow, you're the only other person I've come across so far who specifically collects the terrible trio! That's so cool. I assume Barrel must be your favorite then? I would LOVE to see your Barrel board! :D
  14. kairi08

    kairi08 Member

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    My main collections that I'm going for completist on are Atlantis, Moana and Kingdom Hearts. My New Years' resolution is to finally get my Atlantis collection properly displayed and maybe my Moana one as well if I get the time/motivation. For now, they and all my other random pins are tucked away in binders.
  15. echan50

    echan50 Well-Known Member

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    I'm one of the few collectors who stores their pins in pin bags/books and binders. I like to take them out once in a while and look at them like high school yearbooks :lol:

    I actually don't have many pin bags as I like to have the bag be related to the collection. My first bag was the WDI Haunted Mansion bag for that collection. Then it took a few years but I was able to find an old DSF bag when they used to sell them to keep of my PTDs and El Capitan VIP pins (the ones they gave out when you purchased the VIP movie ticket), and "Now Playing" pins. I was gifted the bag that was sold at the Sci Fi Academy trading event at DLR which I use for my Star Wars/Star Tours and Tron pins as it falls under that "sci-fi" theme.

    My other collections that are in binders using baseball card holders are:
    El Capitan marquees (trying to be a completists but I started a little late)
    and themes for pins I like to get but not try to complete:
    Big Hero 6
    Wreck It Ralph
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  16. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    I'm another person with far, far too many collections for her own good.

    I have a few cork display boards that I've painted for my Paris Lanyard Refresh, Daisy Duck, and Rescue Rangers collections, so my pins for those are displayed on the wall. The rest of my pins are sorted by collection into storage cubbies while I very slowly work on the boards to display them.

    My current collections are:

    ~ Lion King (by far my largest collection, and my oldest; it's what got me started in pin collecting/trading way back in 2005 with a little Timon pin my friend gave me. I am not aiming to be a completist in this as there are SO MANY pins, and have gotten slightly pickier lately about these, so I won't just get everything I see if I don't like the design.)

    Working on completist status:

    ~ Robin Hood (would eventually like to be a completist but I am patient with this collection, as a lot of these pins are older and harder/more expensive to come by)
    ~ Inside Out
    ~ Judy Hopps (leaning towards adding bowling shirt Finnick as well)
    ~ Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
    ~ Jake from Rescuers Down Under
    ~ Rita from Oliver and Company
    ~ Michael from Enchanted Tiki Room (my favorite parks character)
    ~ Capricorn and Aquarius (my zodiac signs, since I was born on the cusp), Garnet (my birthstone), and Year of the Dog (my Chinese Zodiac sign)
    ~ Transformations from Sword in the Stone
    ~ Playing Card Aces
    ~ Stegosaurus (Fantasia, Primeval World, etc.)

    Currently Completist:

    ~ Fix-It Felix and Sargent Calhoun
    ~ Paris Lanyard Refresh (just have to keep on top of the new releases as they come out)
    ~ Waffles (excluding ice cream waffle cones)
    ~ Hula Timon (a subset of Lion King, but a very specific one that I feel warrants its own category)
    ~ Hocus Pocus
    ~ Lava (Pixar short)
    ~ Brave Little Toaster
    ~ Gerald from Finding Dory (one pin! :3 )
    ~ That's So Raven (one pin! :3 )
    ~ PTD sets from movies not otherwise listed above: Black Cauldron, Bolt, Bonnie's Toys (Toy Story 3), Great Mouse Detective, WALL-E
    ~ Salacious Crumb
    ~ runDisney races I've particpated in (at least one pin for each individual race plus double race challenges)

    Miscellaneous (pins I'm not trying to be completist on, so I just collect what I like) :

    ~Daisy Duck (only pins where she is by herself - no Donald, Minnie, group, etc. - and I am very picky on her pose, facial expression, etc.)
    ~ Clarabelle Cow (only pins where she is by herself - no Horace, group, etc. - and while it would be nice to get them all, it's one of my most low-key collections so I consider it more of a miscellaneous collection than completist)

    Collections for other people (friend who are non-traders, so I collect for them) :

    ~ Nick Wilde
    ~ Mulan as Ping
  17. Ajk

    Ajk Not so new anymore.

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    Like some other folks here, I don't display mine on boards but keep them tucked away. I like to use the Disney pin bags (OE/LE) and portfolios (HM).

    I'm not quite as focused as some others in my collecting. I tend to go with whatever I think looks nice, but I do like sets rather than random individual pins, although I also have some collections made up of the latter. So, for example, I collected the Doorways to Disney this year because I thought they look nice and they were a set so I could get all 12. They also had the "plus" of fitting in with one of my themes - parks.

    Speaking of themes, my primary ones are:

    Villains (especially Maleficent, but take any/all in sets)

    Park rides/attractions. This is primarily focused on WDW and DL because that's where I go/what I know but I do have some from Japan from my visit there. I'm sure I'll add as I go to other parks. This is pretty much the only collection where I have a good amount of OEs. Mainly because I like to have a pin for every ride/attraction and am fine with just buying it in the park. I also have stuff like the LEs WDW put out for their 40th anniversary , the ride set from DL's 60th, the Dave Smith series a few years back, etc. I like sets and park rides/attractions tend to frequently show up in sets.

    Nightmare Before Christmas. This is probably the biggest of my more focused collections because there are so many awesome ones and lots of sets, like DL's 13 weeks of treats, various mystery sets, etc.

    Alice in Wonderland. Probably next biggest after NBC and definitely the biggest without too many sets. There are just so many awesome scenes.

    Other movies. These are ones I have a fair number of pins for but not as major as the two above. Lilo and Stitch falls in here as does Monsters Inc. and several others to a lesser degree.

    Artist Choice. Not a theme in the traditional sense, but I like the look of most of them and found I was accumulating a lot of them, so decided to focus a bit of a collection around them.

    Pin Events. I only started attending a couple of years ago and have the pins from those, but I often went to WDW shortly after the events and the "extra" pins were often available on the racks so I have quite a few from events I didn't attend. I just like the way they looked and the theming. It All Started with Walt is a particular favorite of mine. I also have pins from other events attended such as MNSSHP.

    Random Sets. Since I am open to "stuff that looks nice to me" and like things that come in sets, I have a lot of things like various Pin of the Month sets, Piece of Disney History, Piece of Disney Movie, anniversary sets (some mentioned above), etc.

    Older themes. This is stuff I used to collect but doesn't excite me any more so I mostly ignore. Mostly from my earlier collecting days. In here are things like Tinkerbell, Princesses, golfing, NYC WOD, etc.

    And then there's Hidden Mickeys. I collect pretty much all of them. Or at least most of them. Each year there is usually one, maybe two sets that I just don't like the look of so those are out, but I go after everything else. For storing, as mentioned above, these go in the portfolios rather than the bags and I generally categorize them as Parks, Movies, Fab 5, Villains/Princesses, and (Other) Characters.
  18. shooting4ownhand

    shooting4ownhand Well-Known Member

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    Within a year my collections changed to:
    1. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs-whatever pins I like mostly Snow White and the Queen.
    2. Walt Disney
    3. Donald Duck and The Three Caballeros. I keep these two collections together.
    4. Mickey, Mickey, & silhouettes. I have all my pins with Mickey and Minnie together, including the mickey ear pins. The collection also includes park pins.
    5. Chip and Dale. Mostly open edition pins, I just collect what I like.
    6. Cats and dogs. I got a cat this year and I just love dogs so I lumped them together.
    7. Queen of Hearts. I just love her and her design. I only have 2 pins right now but it's growing!
    8. Ariel as a mermaid. She's my favorite character but I am only collecting her as a mermaid.
    9. Tinkerbell. She's one of my all time favorite characters.
    10. Misc characters and pins I like.

    I have them all on pin boards. My first four collections and Queen of Hearts are on one large corkboard. Not sure where I am going to hang it yet. The other ones are on smaller pin boards
  19. Doc Goofy

    Doc Goofy Member

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    Nice collection!
    I've been collecting so many pins over the years I don't really have a favorite until I went to WDW.
    But if I had to choose, these are my choices.

    !. Goofy. Anything with him! Special Editions, Celebrations
    2. Cirque du Soliel at WDW.
    3. Star Wars
    4. Pirates of the Caribbean. Skulls only.
    5. Mickey
    6. Pandora - World of Avatar
    7. Evil Queens
    8. Jiminy Cricket
    9. Princesses: Jasmine, Tiana, Pocahontas and Mulan
  20. Kristen W

    Kristen W Member

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    I collect Pluto pins and I just finished my first board. I cut/created a full body silhouette of Pluto and filled it in with all of the Pluto pins I have so far.
  21. ArttheAnimator

    ArttheAnimator Member

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    I just started collecting, have a few random ones from when I was a child (Stitch, Marie) but definitely focused on Bambi and Lady and the Tramp pins now :)
  22. Nasubionna

    Nasubionna Active Member

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    Pretty much just Lock, Shock and Barrel for me, though occasionally other TNBC characters are included on pins of the trio. I dunno why, I just love those three little criminals and it's really fun trying to hunt down all their pins. Perhaps someday I'll expand to other TNBC characters, but I've got my hands full for now!
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  23. RapunzelCoral10

    RapunzelCoral10 Oh it’s a jolly holiday

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    I collect Figment ; hotels [Grand Floridian mostly] ; Tangled; attractions; some Beauty and the Beast Pins [Cogsworth and Lumiere] ; [​IMG]

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  24. RapunzelCoral10

    RapunzelCoral10 Oh it’s a jolly holiday

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  25. Tamatoa

    Tamatoa I'd rather be shiny!

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    I collect villains, Tangled, Oswald, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Splash Mountain! I have each one on a dedicate bulletin board that I painted and hung up in my room. Except the villains collection which takes up five bulletin boards. That collection might be a liiiiitle out of control. I regret nothing :p
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