What themes / characters do you collect? How have you organised them?

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  1. Spr175psu

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    I'll join in!

    Currently collecting and working on completist status:

    - Ichabod and Mr. Toad - #1 collection and my main focus at the moment
    - Hercules - Hades pins take top priority. This collection might actually be larger than my Mr. Toad
    - Splash Mountain - love other characters riding splash mountain, especially the Tiana and Naveen WDI
    - Emperor's New Groove - mostly Yzma
    - "Piece of" Disney pins - Both WDW and DLR. Also love the piece of costume history and the Club 33 piece pin
    - Gaston - All Gaston pins

    Casually collecting (not working on completist status):

    - Tiana (not in frog form)
    - Winnie the Pooh
    - Disney Afternoon
    - Three Caballeros
    - Characters riding on different attractions
    - Other Disney Parks history, like Osborne lights, Tower of Terror at DLR, Main Street Electrical Parade, Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade

    Wife's collections:

    - Chip and Dale
    - Southern Belle

    Daughter's collections:

    - Ariel and Eric
    - Meeko
    - Bolt

    Currently a completist:

    - Lost
    - Mochi
    - Pirate Fairy
    - Gerald

    Still working on pin boards for them. We'll see when I actually get to doing that...
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  2. 33 Royal Street

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    Still looking for Club 33 "Piece of History" pin? I have some to trade or sell.
  3. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    I'd be open for a trade! Is there anything you're specifically ISO? You can check my pinpics: watzshakinbacon (I don't have too many traders now, but I'm also quite close to DSF)
  4. snwwht85

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    I have too many collections. But I like framing mine. This is my chip dale that I just finished. [​IMG]

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  5. arielsdinglehopper

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    Yup, yet another person here with too many collections

    My main collections (that I have the most pins of, seek out most and focus on) are:

    - The Aristocats/Marie
    - Tinker Bell (and Peter Pan)
    - It's A Small World
    - Daisy (and Donald) Duck

    I also actively collect (while slightly less focused than the previous 4):

    - Piglet
    - Ratatouille
    - Ariel
    - Haunted Mansion
    - Figment

    I also casually collect or want to start casually collecting (these are way more selective collections and not a big focus):

    - Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
    - miscellaneous parks related pins
    - classic Disney fairies
    - other cats and dogs
    - Bing Bong
    - Edna Mode

    I will also grab pins of other characters/movies I like too but don't feel a real draw to collect!
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  6. SkeleCountry

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    I collect Halloween, Haunted Mansion, and FrankenWeenie pins mostly. I have my pins in what I consider "subcategories ". I have several "pinboards"/shadow boxes/tins ect that are certain themes/characters only. Such as;

    Halloween Pin boards categorized by:
    - General skeleton theme pins (Mickey dressed as a Skeleton ect..,)
    -Skeleton Dance
    -General ghosts (Pluto dressed as a ghost ect...)
    -Lonesome Ghosts
    -General Halloween eg: Halloween villains pins, misc. Halloween pins.
    - Minnie dressed as witch only/Daisy Dressed as witch only

    Haunted Mansion Pin boards categorized by
    -Hitchhiking Ghosts All three together or with the Hatbox Ghost only
    -Hitchhiking Ghosts The Skeleton/Ezra only
    -Hitchhiking Ghosts The Traveler/Phineas only
    -Hitchhiking Ghosts The Prisoner/Gus only
    -Hatbox Ghost only
    -General Haunted mansion eg: Master Gracey, Duelers/Duelists, the Organist ect...
  7. 33 Royal Street

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    I'm afraid I only really collect Club 33 and your Pinpics collection doesn't seem to contain any. Would you be interested in buying it vs trading for it?
  8. RobinHood13

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    I just started collecting this year for the first time.
    I have a few of my favourite attractions, but my main focus is on my #1 favourite film... Robin Hood.

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